The Sinful Failure of Israel

Henry C. Morrison was a great missionary who served the Lord in Africa for over 40 years. On the way back to United States, he began to wonder “will anyone remember us?” Unknown to Henry Morrison and his wife, Teddy Roosevelt, President of U.S., was also on board that s … More


Here we find Israel forgetting their maker and making unholy alliances with their pagan neighbors (vv. 1-4). As a result of living among their unconquered foes inter-marriage soon took place and idolatry followed (vv. 5-7). When believers make common cause with the unbeliever the unbelievers are usually not influenced for good but instead the believers are dragged down by the compromising.

For eight years Israel was in bondage to a king of Mesopotamia (v. 8). When Israel cried out to God for help Othniel was sent as the first Judge to deliver them (vv. 9-10). This first Judge was a noble young man but we must understand that the Spirit of the Lord empowered him . Victory for God’s people always comes with an exercise of the will but most importantly by the power of the Holy Spirit. After this resounding  victory we find Israel at rest for 40 years (v. 11).


What area of my life do I have a battle going on? Is it something I have been doing that I shouldn’t be or is it something I am not doing that I should be? Do I need to cry out to God about this?

Judges 3:1-11 (English Standard Version)

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