The Testimony of the Healed Man

The famous agnostic, Thomas Huxley, was once lovingly confronted by a very sincere Christian. This believer stressed to Huxley that he was not in any way impugning Huxley’s sincerity. ... More


The Pharisees tried to pressure the healed man into withdrawing his testimony about Jesus. They wanted him to say that the miracle of his sight was only a miracle of God and that Christ was a sinner (v.24). He would not debate the character of Jesus Christ, because that was beyond his knowledge and experience. On the other hand, he refused to deny what he knew for certain and that was; “One thing I know, that whereas I was blind, now I see” (v. 25). It would have been easy for the Son to hide his confession and thus avoid controversy, but he fearlessly stood his ground. He knew what a difference Christ had made in his life, and he could not deny it. Everyone who has met Christ and trusted Him should make it known openly.

These Pharisees asked him to go over the story again, hoping to find some contradiction in his report (vv. 24-30). At this point, the former blind man got impatient. He had already told them how he was healed (v.15) but they had not wanted to hear. It seemed incredible to him that these Pharisees would not know the man who had opened his eyes (vv. 31-33). After all, how many people were going around Jerusalem, opening the eyes of blind people? He reasoned that God grants not the requests of sinners, but of the righteous. Therefore, this man had to be from God, or he could do no miracles.


Angered by the fact that their authority had been questioned, these religious leaders officially excommu­nicated this man from the local synagogue (34).



It is so easy to have blind spots in my life. When is the last time someone has revealed a blind spot to me? Was I willing to admit it and do something about it? I want to do a better job in this area. Because other people don’t always do things the same way I do it is easy to think they are not doing it the right way. Lord, help me to be more positive and less negative toward others.

John 9:24-34 (English Standard Version)

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