The Two Blind Men

The story is told of an Eastern princess, whose child, a lad of a few years, lay smitten with the plague and dying. The mother stood a little distance away, yet forbidden by the physician to approach lest she also perish. As she stood with breaking heart looking upon her child, t … More


As Jesus and His disciples crossed the Jordan and traveled toward Jerusalem, they passed through Jericho. As they traveled along a huge crowd of Passover pilgrims joined them (v. 29). As they were leaving Jericho two blind men, who had heard that Jesus was passing by, appealed to Him as “son of David” to heal them (v. 30).

This calloused crowd, who no doubt were accustomed to seeing lots of blind beggars tried to quiet these two men but they would not be silenced (v. 31). Jesus stopped in the road and called, “What do you want me to do for you” (v. 32)? They replied that they wanted him to open their eyes so they could see (v. 33). Jesus had compassion on them and immediately touched their eyes and they could see and immediately follow Him (v. 34). He became a servant to these two rejected blind beggars. What a contrast! The rich young ruler rejects Him for worldly possessions; His own disciples argue over who will be the greatest; the laborers in the parable murmur. Yet, now two transformed blind beggars gladly follow Him!


It is so easy for me to be around those who are spiritually blind and be calloused to their need of Christ just like the crowd was with the two blind men. I need to think of someone that I am around often who is spiritually blind and ask the Lord to give me a compassion to win them to Christ.

Matthew 20:29-34 (English Standard Version)

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