The Urgency of Giving the Gospel To the World

Whatever we may believe about election, the fact remains that men without Christ are lost and going to hell. “Except ye repent,” said our Lord to the crowd, “ye shall all perish.” And we who are Christ’s are sent to tell them of the only one– w … More


As this book comes to a close, Paul’s hired house in Rome became the headquarters for world evangelism. He was under house arrest and could not go, but others could. People flocked to him. He led people to Christ, inspired others to go, won members of the Roman guard (Phil 1:3-18), and threw all the weight he could behind the spreading of the Gospel and the building of the church.  Paul took full opportunity to witness to these Jews. As they began to depart he reminded them of the prophecy of Isaiah, that their hearts would be hardened on hearing the truth (v.23). Some believed and some did not (v.24). It seems that some trusted Christ as their Savior, and some became angry and preferred to die in their sins. Since they could not agree among themselves, they started leaving.

But Paul said, “The Holy Spirit said the right thing when he sent Isaiah the prophet (v. 25). He told the people that they will indeed hear with their ears but will not understand, and they will look with their eyes but will not see, for the heart of this people has grown dull (vv. 26-27). Paul said, “You may be sure that God wants to save the Gentiles! And they will listen” (v. 28). And when he had said these things, the Jews went away, arguing and disputing among themselves (v. 29). For two years Paul stayed in a rented house and welcomed everyone who came to see him (v. 30. He bravely preached about God’s kingdom and taught about Jesus Christ, and no one tried to stop him (v. 31).

The book of Acts deals with the history of missions and the expansion of the church, touching such cities as Jerusalem, Antioch, Ephesus and Rome, which were the most influential places in the Western world. The story that began in Jerusalem thirty years earlier has now finished in Rome. The Church at the beginning of Acts could be numbered in scores, but can now be numbered in tens of thousands. Though Paul was under house arrest, the Gospel was not bound or chained. The message under the sovereign hand of the Lord, went from Jews to Gentiles, and from Jerusalem to Rome.



Robert Moffat said “We’ll have all eternity to celebrate our victories, But only one short hour before sunset to win them.” Lord, help me to be all out for you as the need is urgent!

Acts 28:23-31 (English Standard Version)

When they had appointed a day for him, they came to him at his lodging in greater numbers. From morning till evening he expounded to them, testifying to the kingdom of God and trying to convince them about Jesus both from the Law of Moses and from the Prophets. And some were convinced by what he said, but others disbelieved. And disagreeing among themselves, they departed after Paul had made one statement: "The Holy Spirit was right in saying to your fathers through Isaiah the prophet: "'Go to this people, and say, You will indeed hear but never understand, and you will indeed see but never perceive. For this people's heart has grown dull, and with their ears they can barely hear, and their eyes they have closed; lest they should see with their eyes and hear with their ears and understand with their heart and turn, and I would heal them.' Therefore let it be known to you that this salvation of God has been sent to the Gentiles; they will listen." He lived there two whole years at his own expense, and welcomed all who came to him, proclaiming the kingdom of God and teaching about the Lord Jesus Christ with all boldness and without hindrance.

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