The Wise And Foolish Stewards

Benjamin Franklin left a fund of $5,000 to the city of Boston in 1791. His will provided that interest from this fund be allowed to accumulate for 300 years. By 1891, the $5,000 had grown to $92,000, and the balance was invested for a second century. By 1959, the market value of … More


Jesus tells the story of a master with three servants. The master went on a long journey and gave each servant talents of money which were distributed according to each person’s ability (vv. 14-15). These talents were worth a minimum of $1,000 each (about 20 years wages) in those days and would have been infinitely more today.

The three servants fell into two categories: faithful, and unfaithful. The five-talent and two-talent servants used their talents to do the work of the master, making 100 percent profit (vv. 16-17). The one-talent servant was unfaithful because he didn’t use his opportunities to invest but instead hid his talent in the earth (v. 18). He did not squander that which was given to him but by doing nothing with it, his unfaithfulness resulted in no expansion of the works of his master. Because this man was afraid, he might fail, he never tried to succeed.

On his return the master judged the stewardship of his servants and not according to how many talents each possessed (vv. 19-30). The master praised the two who had doubled their investment (vv. 19-23). However, he was very disappointed with the servant who buried his in the ground and called him wicked and lazy (vv. 24-27). In fact, he took this servants money and gave it to the one with 10 talents and cast this useless servant into outer darkness (vv. 28-30). Consider how Jesus has turned over His property to us who know Him and, on His return, will require an accounting. The fact that the latter man is called wicked and slothful and an unprofitable servant who is cast into outer darkness, indicates that he is not a true disciple of the Master.


Those who have invested their lives in Christ’s service are given greater responsibilities as they demonstrate that they can be trusted to do what has been assigned to them. Those who cannot be counted on will lose the opportunity to perform at all. Where do I fall in this program?

Matthew 25:14-30 (English Standard Version)

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