Understanding God’s Word and Applying It

A little boy came running to his mother, shouting, “Mother, I am nine feet tall.” His mother responded, “Don’t talk such nonsense.” “But,” he said, “I really am nine feet tall. I measured myself.” “Well, how did you measure yourself?&q … More


Even though Jesus was a master teacher and taught His disciples for three years by spoken word and example their perception of His relationship to the Father was limited. He now explains to them that they are about to enter a new situation because of His resurrection, ascension and the soon coming of the Holy Spirit (vv. 25-28). They will have direct personal access to the Father through His name and He says, “I shall shew you  plainly the Father” (v.25). The purpose of Bible study is not simply to understand great truths, but to get to know the Father better (v. 26). You will ask the Father in my name, and I won’t have to ask him for you (v. 27). God the Father loves you because of your love for me, and your belief that I have come from him (v. 28).

The disciples respond by saying that they now understand and believe (vv. 29-30). However, this claim was probably presumptuous as their later actions revealed. Jesus knew their limitations far better than they did. In spite of their tremendous affirmation of faith they would soon fail miserably by deserting Him when He was arrested (v. 31). Jesus says, Each of you will go back home and leave me by myself. But the Father will be with me, and I won’t be alone (v. 32). This only points out that no matter how strong we think we are in our faith and understanding we will still fail the Lord when the time of testing comes unless we practice that faith and apply the understanding. Jesus’ instructions were intended to sustain them in a world of tribulation and to give them peace in Him who has overcome the world (v. 33). It is true that the world and its system wants to overcome us but when we yield ourselves to Christ and trust Him, He enables us to be overcomers. The choice is up to us.


I want to know Jesus better and not just more facts about Him, as a result of spending time in the Word. As I have a better understanding of His Word I will understand how He wants me to live.

John 16:25-33 (English Standard Version)

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