What Happens to Those Who Burn Incense to The Gods of Moab

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Moab who had once treated Israel as one caught among thieves (v. 27) was now forced to abandon her towns and dwell among the rocks to hide from the invader who sought her life (v. 28). Moab would now experience scorn, ridicule and calamity. Her past history of peace and physical security had made her proud and now all the past security comes to an end. Surrounding nations observe the just punishment of Moab for the sin of magnifying herself against a Holy God. Moab was condemned for its pride (v. 29). God cannot tolerate pride because pride is taking personal credit for what God has done or looking down to others. God does not condemn taking satisfaction for a job well done but He stands against over estimating our own importance (Rom. 12:3). Bragging will never save you (v. 30). God’s compassion reaches to all creation, even to his enemies (v. 31). 

After Jeremiah hears of the judgment of God on Moab he laments and weeps, even as he describes her sad desolation (v. 32). Joy and gladness are gone from this once fruitful land (v. 33). There is shouting but not that of joy. Instead the awful cries of terror and pain rise from all over the land (v. 34).. The wealth that Moab had acquired was gone and the land would be in ruin. Unfortunately her arrogance and boasting could do nothing to prevent her destruction. The Lord says he will put a stop to Moab’s worshiping false god’s and burning incense to idols (v. 35).


Moab was condemned for her pride. Pride involves taking personal credit for what God has done or looking down on others. God does not condemn me for taking satisfaction in what I do (Ecclesiastes 3:22), but He stands against false pride, the overestimating of my own importance. 

Jeremiah 48:27-35 (English Standard Version)

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