What The Lord Says About Edom

An Amish farmer bought a new pair of overalls. Of course, the Amish are famous for their simplicity, and trying to avoid pride. As he put on his new overalls and looked in the mirror, he said, “Oh, this will never do! I’ll be proud in these!” So he removed the new over … More


This passage has to do with God’s Judgments against Edom - (vv. 7-22). The Edomites come next to receive their judgment from God. These people had descended from Jacob’s elder brother Esau, whom God had bypassed for the blessing, giving it to Jacob (Gen. 25:19-34). They inhabited the Trans-Jordan territory south of the Dead Sea from the Zered River to the Gulf of Aqaba. The caravan route, known as the King’s Highway (Num. 20:14-18), passed along the eastern part of their land. Hostilities and bitterness were abundant between the Hebrews and the Edomites (I Kings 11:15,16) but their common enemy, Babylon, caused them to join hands in the days of Zedekiah (Jer. 27:3).

The people of Edom were noted for their great wisdom, but they weren’t able to devise any plan that would save them from the invasion of the Babylonians (vv. 7-8). Edom’s judgment was like a harvest where nothing was left for the gleaners (vv. 9,10). He told them He could be trusted to care for their orphans and widows but they had to “drink of His cup of anger” (v. 12). He also told them their towns will suffer a horrible fate and lie in ruins forever (v. 13). He commands the nations to prepare for war against Edom who Ia. small and hated by them because of their pride and rebellion against the Lord (vv. 14-16). People will be shocked to see the destruction of Sodom and Gomorrah ans towns nearby (vv, 17-18). The Lord will attack like a lion attacking sheep and the land will be empty (v. 19), your children will be dragged off (v. 20), your destruction will cause the earth to shake (v. 21) and your warriors will be as fearful as women giving birth.


Edom was destroyed because of her pride. Pride makes me think I can take care of myself without God’s help. Even serving God and others can lead me into pride. I need to keep inventory in my life  and service for God and ask Him to point out and remove any pride that I may be harboring.

Jeremiah 49:7-22 (English Standard Version)

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