Where is Wisdom Found

While writing these thoughts from Job this morning I answered the doorbell and saw two Jehovah’s Witness ladies and two children. After they identified themselves I told them I admired their zeal, but I wouldn’t trade the wisdom that I have in the Lord for what they have to … More


“Where is wisdom found?” is Job’s key question (vv. 12, 20). To answer his own question he states that it can not be found among the living (vv. 13-14). Job asked this question because he was weary of the cliches and platitudes that his three friends were giving to him in the name of “wisdom.” His friends were sure that their words were like precious metals and jewels, but they were worthless (vv. 15-19). Job mentions gold five times, silver once, and names seven different precious stones; yet none of these treasures individually, nor all of them collectively, can purchase the wisdom of God. These three men had knowledge, but they lacked wisdom.

It is natural for people who do not understand the importance of God’s Word to seek wisdom here on earth. They look to philosophers and other leaders to give them direction for living . Yet Job said wisdom is not found there. No leader or group of leaders can produce enough knowledge or insight to explain the totality of human experience. The ultimate interpretation of who we are and where we are going must come from the Lord (vv. 20-24). How amazing that the writer of the book of Job knew that it was the “lightening of the thunder.” The sound waves do not travel as fast as light waves. We are to dig into the Word of God if we are to have the wisdom of God (Prov. 8:10-11). The fear of the Lord is a key theme in the wisdom literature of the Bible (Job through Song of Solomon). True wisdom begins with the fear of the Lord (v. 28); (Prov. 1:7, 9,10). It means to have respect and reverence for God, and to be in awe of His majesty and power. When we reverence Him and seek to please Him, He teaches us His wisdom (James 1:5).


Job’s problem was that he was wrapped up in himself. When you’re wrapped up in yourself, it makes a small package. In order to have true wisdom I must reverence the Lord and seek to please Him.

Job 28:12-28 (English Standard Version)

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