With Dishonor Comes Reproach

When the first Memorial Day was celebrated, a group of women from Washington D.C. asked the War Department for permission to put flowers on the soldiers graves at Arlington Cemetery. After a lot of haggling, permission was finally granted to do so. But a stern order was attached … More


Nothing is more clearly taught in the Scriptures than separation of those who love the truth and those who walk in darkness. Separation from evil includes evil friends, ecclesiastical evil, and evil in business. The Scripture is very plain on this subject (II Corinthians 6:17). To separate from evil is right and Scriptural. Being separate from that which is of God is wrong.  A man who is not sociable cares only for his own selfish concerns (v. 1). His separation does not appear to be for God’s glory but for his own pleasure. The problem with a fool is that he has a “closed mind” and an “open mouth.” He doesn’t want to gain knowledge; he only wants to share his views (v. 2).


An interesting progression is suggested: “contempt” leads to “shame” and “shame” leads to “disgrace” (v. 3). The casting off of restraint and acting in self will always result in shame and reproach. Unlike the fool who airs his unwise ideas, a wise person’s words are helpful and encouraging (v. 4). It’s wrong to favor the guilty and keep the innocent from getting justice (v. 5).


I need to think about my life. Have I separated myself from the things that are good, like a daily Quiet-Time, family devotions, going to prayer meeting, etc?  On the other hand have I separated myself from things that are bad, like watching drinking, killing and immorality on the television?  It is important what I separate myself from anything that does not glory God.

Proverbs 18:1-5 (English Standard Version)

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