Zachariah Prophesies of John’s Ministry

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The rest of this chapter has to do with the prophesy of Zacharias. He prophesied the coming of the Savior who would redeem His people and he predicted that his son John would prepare the Messiah’s way. No wonder Zacharias praised God! The Messiah would come in his lifetime and his son would be chosen to pave the way. It had been many years since God had spoken through the prophets. But now in a special way God opened the lips of Zacharias and enabled him to speak prophetically (v. 67). To prophesy is not only to be able to foretell coming events, but to give the mind of God in relation to both the present and the future. Zacharias’ prophecy is filled with Old Testament quotations as he puts forth the following ideas:

  1. He gives an exhortation to praise God (v. 68a).
  2. He noted the reason God should be praised (v. 68b).
  3. He described the deliverance for Israel through the Messiah (vv. 69-75).
  4. He described the ministry John would have (vv. 76-79).

The only record of John the Baptist’s early life is given in one verse (v. 80) “And the child grew, and waxed strong in the spirit, and was in the deserts till the day of his showing unto Israel.” This one verse covers perhaps twenty-five or more years of his life and there are a great many things that we might like to know about John, but the Lord has not seen fit to share it with us. He tells us all that is important for us to know and the rest He leaves out. John remained separate from the religious leaders of his day. His message was different from theirs and his life proved it.


It is not important that I know a lot more new things from the Word of God until I start to put into practice the things that I already know.

Luke 1:67-80 (English Standard Version)

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