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The Practice of Child Sacrifice – Jeremiah 32:28 – 32:44

Hitler Came to Power Because he Promised Prosperity

One of the most talked about human tragedies of history was the slaughter of 6 million Jews by Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany. How could a civilized country allow the construction and operation of Nazi death camps? Sociologists tell us that only 10% of Germans fully backed Hitler’s radical views. Analyses reveal that Hitler came to power because he promised German prosperity. People were willing to overlook Hitler’s hatred as long as he could put money in their pockets. Today, we are looking at a Holocaust taking place in our own country called abortion.

 (A perspective on the slaughter of American children Today)


Civil war (both sides)
98,332 deaths
WWI116,708 deaths
407,316 deaths
Korea25,604 deaths
58,168 deaths
Abortion deaths since 197344,670,812 deaths


(Source Unknown, Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).