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Are You Gonna Talk or Are You Gonna Fish?

There was a man that had the reputation for always being able to catch fish. Regardless of the time of the year it was, or whether anybody else was catching fish, this man always managed to come back with a boat load of fish. His brother-in-law, who happened to be a Game Warden had always been amazed at the man’s success. So, one morning the man agreed to take his brother in law fishing with him. They went to a lake that was known for its poor fishing. The game warden watched his brother-in-law take the boat out to the middle of the lake and cut the motor off. The game warden was confused as he noticed that his brother-in-law didn’t worry about finding a ledge or brush-pile, or anything like that. Then instead of getting his rod and reel out, the game warden’s brother-in-law pulled a stick of dynamite out of a sack, lit it, and threw it overboard. A few seconds later, there was a big boom, and almost immediately the surface of the lake was covered with stunned fish. The Game warden couldn’t believe what he had just witnessed. He immediately began reciting the fishing laws and regulations to his brother-in-law. But this didn’t seem to bother his brother in law in the least. He simply reached into the bag for another stick of dynamite, lit it, and tossed it to the game warden and said, “You gonna talk, or you gonna fish?” The game warden noticed the fuse was almost to the end and He quickly decided to fish. Now that story probably isn’t true, but it’s still a good story. Unfortunately I think God would like to throw some of us a stick of dynamite this morning and say, “Are you gonna talk, or are you going to fish!” (Matthew Sixkling - Sermon Central)