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Hope For a Backsliding Nation – Jeremiah 3:11 – 3:25

A Man With a Missing Index Finger Tells His Story

A man with a missing index finger tells his story how a snake bit him when the stick broke. He kept a 6 foot rattlesnake in a cage for a pet. One day, however, he took it into the living room and released it just to tease his wife. As she fled in terror, he quickly took a stick and placed it behind the reptiles head, holding it firmly to the floor. As the irritated snake twisted the man pushed harder to maintain control. Suddenly the stick gave way with a loud crack. As quick as lightning, the rattler arched its back, with its deadly fangs filled with venom, struck the man on the hand. Medical treatment saved his life, but his finger had to be amputated. Sin is like that rattlesnake. You can tease or play with it, but it will never be satisfied until its poison is injected into your soul. (Source Unknown).