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John was asked "Why baptize?” – John 1:19 – 1:28

Swindoll: Mode of Baptism

A Methodist church contacted the pastor of a large downtown Baptist church and made an unusual request. They had several who had recently joined their church who wanted to be baptized by immersion rather than sprinkling, the church’s normal mode of baptism. Their minister requested not only the use of their baptistry but that the Baptist pastor himself baptize those who came. This posed a dilemma - what if those being baptized weren’t born-again? Since it was the pastor’s conviction that only Christians should be baptized, he realized he couldn’t with good conscience cooperate with the plan, but he wished to answer with tact so as not to offend the other minister. He wrote a gracious letter, in which he included this humorous statement: “We don’t take in laundry, but we’ll be happy to loan you our tub.” (Charles Swindoll, The Grace Awakening).