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David’s Terrifying Oppression – Psalms 55:1 – 55:14

Boys Shot The Insulators Off Cape Cod’s Power Line

Harvard anthropologist William Howells tells about a near disaster for the residents of Cape Cod. The trouble began when boys shot the insulators off Cape Cod’s power line. Immediate confusion reigned. Few had water; the electric pumps stopped. No one could get gasoline; again, no pumps. Those who did have gasoline had no traffic lights to stop and go by. Some had to eat raw food, and some babies got colic because the electric ranges wouldn’t heat. Amidst all the pandemonium stood a herd of bawling cows, their udders near bursting point. The electric milkers couldn’t milk and apparently no one knew how to milk by hand. If this is the state of gadgetized America, what might happen after a few nuclear bombs were dropped? (James C. Hefley - Encyclopedia of Illustrations #523).