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The Renegade Who Lusted for Power – Judges 9:1 – 9:15

Motivation is a factor in everthing we do

We should run the Christian race with sobriety, for our eternal life is at stake. Let others pursue for enjoyment what they will, but in our race everything vital is at stake. The eternal consequences of losing should motivate us to a greater effort than that put forth by those making sport. Recently I read a fable about a dog who loved to chase other animals. He bragged about his great running skill and said he could catch anything. Well, it wasn’t long until his boastful claims were put to the test by a certain rabbit. With ease the little creature outran his barking pursuer. The other animals, watching with glee, began to laugh. The dog excused himself, however, by saying, “You forget, I was only running for fun. He was running for his life!” That does make a difference! Motivation is the most important factor in everything we do. (Randy Alv - Sermon Central).