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Devotion in The House of God – Psalms 84:1 – 84:12

How Do I Rate My Devotion to The Lord?

A busy person writes these words. I came to see that my devotion to my Lord Jesus Christ, with the passing years, had eroded away something like a marriage gone humdrum. What did I do when I found a little pocket of spare time, on a Sunday, or a holiday?  I couldn’t wait to get together with other people; people I liked, people with whom I had something in common; so we could share ideas and experiences.  Or I read a stimulating book. Or I went out to enjoy nature. I even plunged further into my work, doing things that I normally didn’t have time for. But to go to Jesus and to give Him first claim on even my spare time, that I did not do. (M. Basilea Schlink).