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Faith is Proved by Works – James 2:19 – 2:26

Havner - Wearing Many Medals but not Many Scars

I’m tired of hootenanny religion, the new brand of Christianity that pagans do not feel embarrassed to join, I’m tired of Batman, the Beatniks, the Beatles, the God is dead movement, the new morality, situation ethics, existentialism, and the latest theological discussions out of Germany. If my faith were so weak that a professor down in Georgia could shake it, I’d get another kind. I’m tired of hearing in our church bodies that we must get away from humble beginnings, shake the hayseed out of our hair and come of age. I hear a lot today about grandstand seats in glory, but I don’t hear much about the baptism of Christ’s suffering. We’re wearing a lot of medals these days, but not many scars. (Vance Havner, Who said That, by George Sweeting, p. 188).