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Jotham Ruled as King For 16 years – II Chronicles 27:1 – 27:9

David Ring Used by God in an Unusual Way

It is amazing to see how God uses certain handicapped people in such a powerful and effective way. David Ring is one of those special people that is an unusual man of God that has been used in an unusual way by God. He was born with Cerebral Palsy and was told that he would never marry. He has married and has a wife and four wonderful children and has traveled extensively as an evangelist and singer for many years. In his testimony he tells how he looks forward to the future as he has property in heaven. He tells how that one day in heaven he will be able to button his own shirt, tie his own shoes, not talk funny and walk all over heaven. He says that God is in the kitchen and he is in the oven and one of these days He will pull him out of the oven and say, well done thou good and faithful servant. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).