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Chairman of Community Charity Confronts a Tightwad

A notorious miser was called on by the chairman of the community charity. “Sir,” said the fund-raiser, “our records show that despite your wealth, you’ve never once given to our drive.” “Do your records show that I have an elderly mother who was left penniless when my father died? fumed the tightwad. “Do your records show that I have a disabled brother who is unable to work? Do your records show I have a widowed sister with small children who can barely make ends meet?” “No, sir,” replied the embarrassed volunteer. “Our records don’t show those things.” “Well, said the tightwad, I don’t give to any of them, so why should I give anything to you?” (Landon Parvin in Leaders, Readers Digest, May 1996, pp. 67-68)