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Walk Your Talk – Psalms 78:59 – 78:72

Integrity Lost Cannot Be Regained

Reuben Gonzales was in the final match of a pro racquetball tournament. In the 4th and final game,  Gonzales made a super kill shot into the front wall to win the game. The referee called it good. Two linesman affirmed that the shot was in. But Gonzales, after a moments hesitation, turned around, shook his opponents hand, and declared that his shot had hit the floor first. As a result, he lost the match and walked off the court. Everybody was stunned. They couldn’t believe that a player with  victory at hand, disqualified himself at match point and lost! When asked why he did it, Reuben said, “It was the only thing that I could do to maintain my integrity. I could always win another match, but I could never regain my lost integrity.” (Source Unknown).