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Love Fulfills The Law – Galatians 5:7 – 5:15

Wiersbe - Motorist Driving Through a Red Light

Imagine a motorist driving down a city street and either deliberately or unconsciously driving through a red light. He is pulled over by a policeman who asks to see his driver’s license. Immediately the driver begins to defend himself. “Officer, I know I ran the red light, but I have never robbed anybody, I’ve never committed adultery, I’ve never cheated on my income tax.” The policeman smiles as he writes out the ticket, because he knows that no amount of obedience can make up for one act of disobedience. It is one law, and the same law that protects the obedient man and punishes the offender. To boast about keeping part of the law while breaking another part is to confess that I am worthy of punishment. (Be Free by Warren Wiersbe, Victor Books, p. 118).