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God Will Answer at The Right Time – Habakkuk 2:1 – 2:5

Good Reason For an Airline Delay


Recently I was waiting in the Philadelphia airport on a flight to a distant city. Every half hour, they would tell us that we would get an update in another half hour. I knew the plane was there,  the crew was there, all the passengers were sure there, but the flight just kept getting postponed. I must admit that my patience was running low. When we were finally boarded and about to take off, the pilot explained what had been taking so long. He said, “Just before we were going to board you, our mechanics found a problem with two of our tires in a routine maintenance check. We had to replace both tires.” So all of a sudden I was so grateful for the delay that had been so frustrating. Now, there was a very good reason for that particular airline delay. I have to tell you the airlines don’t always have a good reason for their delays. God always does. (Lou Nicholes - Word of Life).