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Peace at Last – Isaiah 11:1 – 11:16

Don Richardson - The Peace Child

Missionary Don Richardson who served for many years among the primitive tribes in Papua New Guinea wrote a book entitled “The Peace Child.” He tells the story of two tribes in Papua New Guinea who maintained a blood feud between themselves for several generations. Each generation fought and nursed their wounds only to fight again killing and maiming more and more people. After years of struggle the two tribes realized that they must stop fighting or nothing would be left of their peoples. But what could they do to end years of warring between the two tribes? Don Richardson goes on to tell that the chiefs of the two tribes came together and brought with them a child they called “The Peace Child” This child was the son of one of the opposing chiefs which was adopted into the family of the opposing chief. As long as that child lived the two chiefs promised to cease their fighting so that all could live. Richardson had finally found a perfect picture of God’s love for us in sending His Son, the Prince of Peace to die for us. (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).