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Josiah Rules as King of Judah For 31 Years – II Chronicles 34:1 – 34:13

Knocking Down The Walls of Jericho

A new minister was asked to teach a boys class in the absence of their regular Sunday School teacher. He decided to see what they knew,so he asked who knocked down the walls of Jericho. All the boys denied having done it, and the preacher was appalled at their ignorance. At the next deacon’s meeting he told about the experience. “Not one of them knows who knocked down the walls of Jericho.” he lamented. The group was silent until one seasoned veteran of disputes spoke up. “Preacher, this appears to be bothering you alot. But I’ve known all those boys since they were born and they’re good boys. If they said they didn’t know, I believe them. Let’s just take some money out of the repair and maintenance fund, fix the walls and let it go at that."  (Jeff Simms - Sermon Central)