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Religious Ritual Doesn’t Change a Sinful Life Style – Jeremiah 7:8 – 7:15

The “Mush God”

The “Mush God” has been known to appear to millionaires on golf courses. He appears to politicians at ribbon-cutting ceremonies and to clergymen speaking the invocation on national TV. The “Mush God” has no tenets of faith, nothing that would make it difficult for a believer and nonbeliever alike to lower one’s head when the chairman tells us that Reverend, Rabbi, Father, or So-and-So will lead us in a harmless prayer, for this god of public occasions is not a jealous god. The “Mush God” is a god whose laws are chiseled not on tablets but written on sand, open to amendment, qualification and erasure. This is a god that will compromise with you, make allowances and declare all wars holy and all peace hallowed. (Quoted by Adrian Rogers in Ten Secrets for a Successful Family, pp. 29-30).