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God Warns Noah – Genesis 6:9 – 6:12

Home For Drug Addicts

Healing House is in Kansas City, Ks. It’s a home for drug addicts started by a woman named Bobbie Jo. Bobbie Jo had been walking the streets for many years but then someone cared enough to share the Gospel with her and she was born again. At the same time, her mother died and left her an inheritance. She knew that many of the women who were drug addicts turned to the streets to support their habits. When they were arrested, put in jail and then released, they had no place to go. So they went back to working the streets. So with her inheritance, Bobbie Jo bought an old retirement home that was boarded up and rehabbed it. She invited the ladies to come and live there and as they did, she would share the Gospel with them. Well, that home got filled up and then a pimp moved next door. She started praying for that house, gathered some more resources and bought that house. It filled up and she bought another and then an apartment complex. One woman whose life was racked with sin but who had been freed from it, then passed on the Good news through which they became free. And in truth, they were dead, dead in their sins but now they were alive in a Savior who was born as a babe 2000 years ago. All of us need to be saved from sin and this Jesus came to save you. (Tim Smith - Sermon Central).