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The Advice of Ahithopel And Hushai – II Samuel 17:1 – 17:14

Cliff Barrows Leads Singing And Meets Billy Graham

In 1945, a young associate pastor named Cliff married his fiancee, Billie. They had very little money but scraped up enough to take a honeymoon. When they arrived at the hotel, they were told it was now a rehabilitation center and not available to overnight guests. They hitchhiked to a grocery store several miles down the road. The owner was sympathetic to their situation and let them stay in a room over the store. The owner quickly caught on that they were Christians and he referred them to a friend with a nicer place to spend the rest of their honeymoon. During the week their host invited them to attend a youth rally at a nearby Christian Conference Center. The regular song leader was ill that night, so Cliff was asked if he might take charge of the music service. He consented and led the music, before a young evangelist named Billy stepped up to preach. Cliff Barrows met Billy Graham that night and formed a ministry team that has preached the gospel throughout the world for fifty years. When your plans don’t seem to work out, maybe God has something better in mind. He sure did for Cliff and Billie Barrows! (Source Unknown - Lou Nicholes, Missionary/Author)