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Jesus is Buried in a Borrowed Tomb – Matthew 27:57 – 27:66

The Graveyard of the Atlantic

Cape Hatteras is known as “The Graveyard of the Atlantic.” There, the bottom of the sea is covered with the skeletons of ships which went to pieces on the shoals. On calm days, when the water is clear and unruffled, some of the old wrecks can be clearly seen from the surface. The famous armored ship Monitor sank off Cape Hatteras. In his book, The Hatterasman, Ben Dixon MacNeill wrote, “This is the graveyard. It covers about thirty square miles of shoal. In the narrow area, through four centuries, 382 ships have sunk and were drawn into the grave. No man has seen them or touched them to this day.” David Stick in his book, The Outer Banks of North Carolina, wrote, “More federal warships were sunk by the weather off Cape Hatteras during the Civil War than by all the cannons of the Confederacy.” (Encyclopedia of Illustrations #11505).