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Celebrating The Harvest – Psalms 126:1 – 126:6

Robert Murray McCheyne Let The Tears Flow

Years ago a young minister visited Dundee, Scotland, deeply concerned that his ministry had very few results. He decided to visit the scene where years before Robert Murray McCheyne had ministered in such evident power of the Spirit of God. McCheyne died at the age of 30, but not before he had moved Scotland towards God. The visitor asked the caretaker at the church if he could tell him the secret of the amazing influence of Robert McCheyne. The old man led the young minister inside the church. “Sit down here,” he said. “Now put your elbows on the table.” He did so. “Yes, that was they way McCheyne used to do it,” said the old man. “Now put your face in your hands.” The visitor obeyed. “Now let the tears flow! That was the way McCheyne used to do!” Psalm 126 says “Those who sow in tears shall reap in joy.” (From John Phillips, Exploring Psalms, Vol. 2, pp. 478-479).