Collection For The Saints In Jerusalem

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One of the things in Christian circles that tends to be done in a careless manner is the handling of money. The apostle Paul in this passage organizes the collection of funds for the saints in Jerusalem so that it will be managed honestly and faithfully. We can find here the qualifications for people handling funds in a local church or Christian organization:

  1. A desire to serve (vv. 16-17) - Titus had a desire to help in the gathering of  this special offering and was not just  put on this Finance Committee because no one else would do it.
  2. A burden for lost souls  (v. 18) - We do not know who this brother was but we are told that he had a desire to share the gospel. Every Finance Committee needs to have members who have a burden for lost souls.
  3. A desire to honor God (v. 19) - When a church selects deacons or elders, to handle the “spiritual affairs” of the church, and trustees to handle the “material and financial affairs,” it is making an unbiblical distinction. One of the most spiritual things a church can do is use its money wisely for spiritual ministry.
  4. A reputation for honesty (vv. 20-22) - It is very unwise for anyone to handle funds in a Christian organization  by  himself. There needs to be at least two and preferably three people who collect and count it in order to avoid any accusations.
  5. A cooperative spirit  (vv. 23-24) - Finance Committee members do not own the money. It belongs to the Lord and they just manage it.


Of the qualifications mentioned above I want to have more of a burden for lost souls. Especially for our president and those who are in government locally, in our state and nationally. What a difference it would make in our country if our leaders would seek the Lord.

II Corinthians 8:16-24 (English Standard Version)

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