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Scripture memory passage for the week of June 25, 2017


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God’s "Gentile” Message to Peter through Visions

Acts 10:9–10:22
Before Cornelius could be welcomed into the Church, Peter had to learn a lesson. Strict Jews believed that God had no use for the Gentiles. Sometimes they even said that help must not be given to a Gentile woman in childbirth, because that would only bring another Gentile into th … Read more

Cornelius–A Religious Man on a Mission for God

Acts 10:1–10:8
The tenth chapter of Acts tells a story that is one of the great turning points in the history of the Church. For the first time a Gentile is to be admitted into its fellowship. Since Cornelius is so important in church history, let us gather together what we can learn about him. … Read more

Peter Used by God in Joppa to Heal Beloved Dorcas

Acts 9:32–9:43
The scene now shifts to Peter, who was visiting the churches in Palestine. He comes to Lydia, a predominately Gentile city about 25 miles from Jerusalem (v. 32). Possibly the church in Lydia had been founded by disciples fleeing from Jerusalem at the time of fierce persecution wh … Read more

Previous Persecutor Begins Preaching Ministry

Acts 9:19b–9:31
Soon after Paul’s conversion and his arrival in Damascus, he stayed with the Lord’s followers and began to preach in the synagogues (vv. 19-20). They found it difficult to believe that the man who had been the chief persecutor of Christians was now preaching the faith that … Read more

Ananias is Available to Disciple Saul–a New Believer!

Acts 9:10–9:19a
Without a doubt Ananias is one of the forgotten heroes of the Christian Church. If it is true that the Church owes Paul’s conversion to the prayer of Stephen, it is also true that the Church owes Paul’s spiritual growth to the brotherliness of Ananias. In this pa … Read more

Saul’s "Damascus Road Conversion” to Paul

Acts 9:1–9:9
In this passage we have the most famous conversion story in history. We have reached a turning point in the Book of Acts. The conversion of Saul of Tarsus, who was the leading persecutor of Christians, was perhaps the greatest event in Church history after Pentecost. Here we find … Read more

Ethiopian Eunuch Evangelized by Philip

Acts 8:26–8:40
This portion of Scripture shows the importance of being sensitive to the Holy Spirit’s leading in order to be in the right place, at the right time. Philip, who was engaged in a very successful evangelistic work in Samaria, was prompted by the Spirit of God to interrupt this mini … Read more

Simon Seeks and is Denied the "Spiritual” Gift of Healing

Acts 8:9–8:25
Wherever God sows His true believers, Satan sows his counterfeits. Satan’s tool in this passage was a sorcerer named Simon. He practiced witchcraft, and because of his ability to exercise control over nature and people through his demonic power, many people thought he was great … Read more

Persecution Scatters Believers / Philip Boldly Preaches

Acts 8:1–8:8
The death of Stephen was the signal for an outbreak of persecution which compelled the Christians to scatter and to seek safety in the remoter districts of the country. However the apostles stood fast. They braved whatever perils might come; and this was for two reasons... Read more

Stephen’s Sermon–The Bold Conclusion!

Acts 7:44–7:53
In this closing section of his defense, what Stephen has been implying now becomes explicit:He insists on the continued disobedience of the people.He insists that they have had the most amazing privileges.He insists that they have wrongly limited God.4. He insists that they have … Read more

Stephen Stoned to Death for his Faith

Acts 7:54–7:60
As Stephen laid the blame for the slaying of Christ squarely on them, the members of the council began to murmur. Finally under heavy conviction, they interrupted his sermon and rushed on him in preparation to stone him. They were so angry at him that they literally gnashed their … Read more

Stephen’s Sermon–Moses’ Mandate From God

Acts 7:30–7:43
In these verses we can see what Moses gave up. He actually gave up a kingdom, in order to lead his people out into the desert on a great adventure for God. This great man is not the man who, like the Jews, is thrilled about the past and jealous of his privileges... Read more

Stephen’s Sermon–Moses Identifies with God’s Chosen People

Acts 7:20–7:29
Stephen summed up the characteristics of Joseph in two words—grace and wisdom. Grace in its simplest form means beauty. Its nearest English equivalent is charm. It would have been extremely easy for him to become embittered. But he dealt faithfully with each dut … Read more

Stephen’s Sermon–God’s Covenant of Circumcision to Abraham

Acts 7:1–7:8
This chapter contains the longest sermon recorded in the book of Acts. In these first eight verses Stephen gives the history of Abraham. The Jews greatly admired Abraham and prided themselves in being his “children.” Furthermore, they depended on their nation’s heritage … Read more

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