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Scripture memory passage for the week of August 13, 2017


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The Doom of False Teachers

II Peter 2:4–2:9
Peter gives three historic examples of God’s judgement of sin: The fallen angles in verse 4. (Gen. 6:1-4)The ungodly people of Noah’s day in verse 5. (Gen. 7)The ungodly people at Sodom and Gomorrah in verse 6. (Gen. 19). We see an explanation of Divine deliverance (vv. … Read more

Judgment is Coming to False Teachers

II Peter 2:1–2:3
Jesus had told the disciples that false teachers would come (Matt. 24:11). Peter begins by reviewing the fact that in the past many false teachers arose in the nation of Israel (v. 1). Peter knew what it was to deny Christ in a moment of weakness (Matt. 26:70). He goes … Read more

A Light Shines Brighter in Darkness

II Peter 1:15–1:21
That is why I am doing my best to make sure that each of you remembers all of this after I am gone (v. 15). Peter’s claim that he was an eyewitness of the majesty of the Lord refers no doubt to Jesus’ transfiguration (Matt.17:1-8) (vv. 16-18). Only Peter, James and John were pe … Read more

Needing to Know Basic Bible Doctrine

II Peter 1:10–1:14
Peter states that his goal in life is to use every opportunity to instruct others in the faith. One important function of any Christian leader is to remind his followers of basic Bible doctrine. Sad to say, many Christians are ignorant of these things and therefore do not live … Read more

Our Faith Must Become a Part of What We Do

II Peter 1:5–1:9
Peter urges his people to equip their lives with every virtue and to be content with nothing less than the most splendid life. Let us look at the list of virtues which he says we need to add one to another: It begins with faith (v. 5). It is the unquestioning certainty that t … Read more

God Supplies The Power to Live For Christ

II Peter 1:1–1:4
This book was written two or three years after the Roman Emperor Nero began his persecution of Christians. It focuses on the church’s internal problems, especially on the false teachers.. Peter directed this letter specifically to Christians scattered in the region of present-day … Read more

The Urgency of Giving the Gospel To the World

Acts 28:23–28:31
As this book comes to a close, Paul’s hired house in Rome became the headquarters for world evangelism. He was under house arrest and could not go, but others could. People flocked to him. He led people to Christ, inspired others to go, won members of the Roman guard (Phil … Read more

Paul’s Opportunity to Preach in Rome

Acts 28:17–28:22
Paul had a burning desire to preach the gospel in Rome, and he eventually got there; in chains, through shipwreck, and after many trials. Although he may have wished for an easier passage he knew that God had blessed him greatly and had given his the opportunity to be there and p … Read more

Crisis Averted–God’s Will for Paul is Evident

Acts 28:1–28:6
The island of Malta is located 60 miles south of Sicily. The ship, together with the 276 men aboard, floundered and broke up on a reef off the island of Malta, some 500 miles south of Rome. The vessel was a total loss but the entire 276 men were saved by the hand of God. An angel … Read more

Paul–Steadfast to God’s Purpose For His Life

Acts 28:11–28:16
The ship’s passengers spent three months shipwrecked on the island of Malta (v. 11). Finally another ship gave them passage for the 100 miles to Syracuse in Sicily, then to Rhegium (70 miles) on the toe of Italy, and finally dropping anchor in Puteoli (180 miles) in the bay … Read more

Peer Pressure Adds to the Present Peril

Acts 27:27–27:44
After 14 days of drifting on the Mediterranean Sea the sailors realized that they were getting near land (v. 27). In the middle of the fourteenth night of the storm, the crewmen tested the waters and discovered that they were approaching land (v. 28). So in the darkness of the ni … Read more

Peace In the Midst of The Storm

Acts 27:13–27:26
As they sailed along, “the south wind blew softly” (v. 13). They had not gone far, however, before there was a drastic change in the weather, and their ship was caught in a typhoon (v. 14). No doubt about this time the centurion was wishing that he had listened to Paul. … Read more

Paul’s Advice – Initially Rejected

Acts 27:1–27:12
As Paul embarked upon his last journey, at least three things must have encouraged him (vv. 1-3). Luke, who dropped out of sight after leaving Paul in the hands of James and the elders of the Jerusalem church, (21:18) is with him. Julius, a hardened Roman centurion who was assign … Read more

Paul’s Purpose Changed to God’s Purpose

Acts 26:12–26:23
Paul told about the day he left for Damascus with a purpose to arrest as many Christians as possible. He had documents, signed, and sealed by the High Priest (v. 12) that guaranteed the cooperation of Jewish officials. Certainly conversion to Christ was far from his mind when he … Read more

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