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Scripture memory passage for the week of January 14, 2018


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Doubting of John the Baptist

Matthew 11:1–11:19
Obvious doubt. (vv. 1-3) “After Jesus had finished instructing his twelve disciples, he went on from there to teach and preach in the towns of Galilee. When John heard in prison what Christ was doing, he sent his disciples to ask him, “Are you the one who was to come, o … Read more

The Service of Christian Workers

Matthew 10:34–10:42
Once we have identified our self with Jesus Christ we are part of a war that started between God and Satan back in Genesis 3:15. The only way a believer can escape conflict is to deny Christ and compromise his witness (vv. 34-37). We will be misunderstood and persecuted and somet … Read more

Religious Oppostion to Christ’s Followers

Matthew 10:16–10:33
Jesus spelled out that living for Him would not be easy and that it would be like sheep living among wolves (v. 16). The words of the Lord had application in His own lifetime and was certainly demonstrated in the lives of the Apostles after Jesus had ascended into heaven. However … Read more

Qualifications of the Twelve Apostles

Matthew 10:1–10:15
Right after Jesus’ injunction to ask for laborers we find the twelve apostles listed (vv. 1-5). The qualifications for being an apostle were as follows:Must have seen the risen Christ. (I Cor. 9:1 Must have fellowshiped with Jesus. (Acts 1:21-22)Must have been c … Read more

The Need for Laborers

Matthew 9:27–9:38
As Jesus continues to travel, two blind men follow Him and acknowledge Him as the Son of David (vv. 27-31). We are not told why these men are blind but blindness was prevalent in the Mideast in that day. These men were persistent as they followed Him into the house where He was s … Read more

The Traditions of Judaism

Matthew 9:14–9:26
The disciples of John the Baptist questioned Jesus as to why He and His disciples were not fasting as they and the Pharisees were doing (vv. 14-15)? Jesus compared His conduct to that of a King having a wedding banquet. He said that at a wedding people are happy and eating and no … Read more

Reaching Sinners and Tax Collectors

Matthew 9:9–9:13
As Jesus was going down the street He sees Matthew collecting taxes at a booth and invites him to be His disciple. Matthew immediately closed up his booth and began to follow the Lord (v. 9). It seems that not long after this Matthew held a dinner at his house and invited Jesus a … Read more

The Faith of the Friends

Matthew 9:1–9:8
Jesus returns from the eastern side of the Sea of Galilee to the town of Capernaum which he now used as headquarters for His ministry (v. 1). Four men carrying a paralyzed man on a mat, who were unable to penetrate the density of the crowd, lowered him through the roof to where J … Read more

Motives of Service

Matthew 8:18–8:27
In this section Matthew gives two illustrations of men who said they wanted to follow the Lord and serve Him but had the wrong motives.Desired fame - Because great crowds followed Jesus and there had not been much opposition up to this point, many expressed a desire to follow Him … Read more

Healing of the Demon Possesed Men

Matthew 8:28–8:34
The event recorded here took place near Gergesa, a town on the eastern slope of the Sea of Galilee. There Jesus met two demon possessed men. These men under the influence of demons were violent and had been forced out of the city and were living in a graveyard ( … Read more

Healing Miracles of Christ

Matthew 8:1–8:17
In chapters 8-9 Matthew records 10 miracles. The first three miracles of healing are: The leper healed - (v. 1-4), After Jesus touched and healed the leper. He told him to go to the priest and offer the proper sacrifice for cleansing as Moses had prescribed (Lev. 14). … Read more

A Professing Christian vs a True Christian

Matthew 7:13–7:23
The Scribes and Pharisees had fooled themselves into believing that they were righteous and others were sinful. These Jews had the mistaken notion that they were righteous by birth into their race, and by the fact they were circumcised. It is possible for people to know the right … Read more

Building on the Right Foundation

Matthew 7:24–7:29
In this parable Jesus presented two options to His listeners as to what they can do with their life. They are responsible for what He has taught and must make a choice. The two men in this story had much in common, both had desires to build a house. Both built houses that l … Read more

Judging and Hypocrisy

Matthew 7:1–7:6
The Lord is dealing with the Pharisees on the matter of judging and hypocrisy (v. 1). They were judging Christ because He was not offering the kind of kingdom they anticipated or the kind of righteousness they were exhibiting. Jesus was not teaching that judgments should ne … Read more

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