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Scripture memory passage for the week of July 23, 2017


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Paul’s Salvation Testimony

Acts 22:6–22:16
Paul gives his personal testimony of the appearance of the Lord to him on the road to Damascus (vv. 6-7). So far as we know he had never known Jesus in the flesh. His first glimpse of Him was a blinding vision from heaven, and this became the driving, motivating force of his life … Read more

Paul Defense of His Heritage and Ministry

Acts 22:1–22:5
After gaining the silence of the crowd Paul defended himself by showing that he was a good Jew. He addresses them as friends and leaders and asks them to listen to what he has to say (v. 1). When the crowd heard Paul speak to them in Aramaic, they became even quieter (v. 2). He u … Read more

Disaster is the End Result of Compromise

Acts 21:27–21:36
Paul’s compromise turned out to be a disaster. It was the time of Pentecost, and Jews were present in Jerusalem from all over the world. Some Asian Jews from the area where Paul had been preaching on his missionary journeys were visiting in Jerusalem, and saw Paul and his c … Read more

Boldness At the Barracks

Acts 21:37–21:40
Just as Paul was about to be taken into the barracks, he asked the commandant, May I say something to you (v. 37). The chief captain was surprised to hear Paul speak in the cultured Greek language. He had thought that Paul was perhaps the Egyptian who had led a group of bandits t … Read more

Compromise Recommended but Refuted

Acts 21:17–21:26
Paul finally arrived in Jerusalem and went before the church leaders to give a missionary report of what God had done in his journeys (vv. 17-19). They listened very politely but when he was finished they told him they had a local situation that perhaps he could help them settle … Read more

Paul’s Determination & Warning from Agabus

Acts 21:10–21:16
Another warning came to Paul from a man named Agabus, who was a prophet from Judea (v. 10). He had prophesied that a widespread famine would affect the world (Acts 11:27-28) and his prophecy came true. He bound himself with Paul’s belt, using it as an object lesson, showing that … Read more

Paul Warned By the Christians

Acts 21:1–21:9
It was hard for Paul to leave the Ephesian Elders. Luke implies that he had to literally tear himself away from these dear friends (v.1). He found a ship going to Phoenicia, so he got on board and sailed off (v. 2). From there he headed south. The voyage itself was uneventful and … Read more

Paul’s Warning to the Ephesian Elders

Acts 20:25–20:31
This was Paul’s last farewell to the Ephesian elders. As far as Ephesus was concerned he had done all he could to evangelize and warn the city (vv. 25-27). I wonder how many of us could make such a statement about the area we live in. It is so easy to become complacent about the … Read more

Paul Shares About Giving

Acts 20:32–20:38
As Paul was about to leave Ephesus he was reminding the flock that they would not be defenseless because God would still be there. Also they had God’s Word, and if they would cultivate a knowledge of God and His Word they would become strong. His Word has strengthening powe … Read more

Paul–An Example of Faithfulness

Acts 20:13–20:21
After being in service all night, Paul decided to walk from Troas to Assos, perhaps eighteen or nineteen miles (v. 13). He did this undoubtedly to be alone for awhile, rather than being in the crowd on board the ship. Paul just needed some time to be alone; where he could t … Read more

Paul’s Determination To Go To Jerusalem

Acts 20:22–20:24
Notice verse 22 where it says that Paul was going to Jerusalem “bound in the spirit” (small “s”). This may indicate that this was not a Holy Spirit compulsion, but he was doing it by his own self-will. Some Bible scholars, such as Donald Grey Barnhouse and Joh … Read more

Discipleship Despite Difficulties

Acts 20:1–20:6
The riot covered in the previous chapter put an end to any further usefulness for Paul in Ephesus. In verse one Paul arrived in Macedonia, in a state of spiritual depression. It seems that at this time he had evangelized the province of Illyricum, on the Adriatic Sea across from … Read more

When, Where, How & How Long to Worship

Acts 20:7–20:12
I find a very interesting story in today’s passage. After Paul arrived in Troas he met with believers on Sunday to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and after that he spoke to them until midnight because he was leaving the next morning (v.7). It was only gradually that Sunday to … Read more

Results of Religious Greed

Acts 19:23–19:41
Nothing will whip up passions more quickly than religion. Some of the worst wars in history have been religious wars. It is the religious element that has made the situation in Iraq so volatile and ruthless in the day in which we live. With over one sixth of the world’s pop … Read more

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