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The Wise and Foolish Stewards

Matthew 25:14–25:30
Jesus tells the story of a master with three servants. The master went on a long journey and gave each servant talents of money which were distributed according to each person’s ability (vv. 14-15). These talents were worth a minimum of $1,000 each (about 20 years wages) in those … Read more

The Foolish Bridesmaids

Matthew 25:1–25:13
Jesus illustrates the Kingdom of Heaven with a story of ten bridesmaids who took their lamps and went to meet the bridegroom (v. 1). Five were foolish and took no oil for their lamps (vv. 2-3). The other five were wise and took extra oil for their lamps (v. 4). As they waited the … Read more

The Time of The Lord’s Return

Matthew 24:32–24:51
When the fig tree buds and the leaves begin to sprout you know that summer is near (v. 32). The same is true with the events that begin to happen here; you can know that the Lord’s return is very near (vv. 33-34). No one knows the day or hour when the heavens and earth will disap … Read more

Future Events

Matthew 24:15–24:31
Matthew 24 is a very exciting passage. There is no biblical subject which can create the same amount of curiosity that this subject can create. It is a great sermon on the Second Coming preached by our Lord Jesus Christ. It is known as the Olivet Discourse. As I stated in yesterd … Read more

The Olivet Discourse

Matthew 24:1–24:14
This section forms Jesus’ most prophetic message of the coming of the end of the world (or the present age) which is often referred to as His Olivet Discourse. After Jesus left his discussion with the religious leaders he returned to Bethany by way of the Mount of Olives where He … Read more

White Washed Sepulchers

Matthew 23:27–23:39
In our next woe Jesus gives an analogy of the Pharisees who appeared righteous on the outside. (like unto white washed tombs) however they were corrupt and decaying on the inside (vv. 27-32). It was a tradition for the Pharisees to build and decorate the tombs of the martyrs. How … Read more

Blinded to God’s Truth

Matthew 23:13–23:26
Jesus had great sorrow for the Pharisees because they were blinded to God’s truth and their sins. In today’s and tomorrow’s passage we see eight woes that we might contrast to the eight beatitudes in (Matt. 5:1-12). The beatitudes described true righteousness and here He describe … Read more

The Pharisaical Religion

Matthew 23:1–23:12
This was our Lord’s last public message which was directed especially to the Pharisees. It is said that there were about 6,000 Pharisees in that day and most of them were middle class businessmen. The name Pharisee came from a word that means “to separate” and the Phari … Read more

Ethical Question About David’s Son

Matthew 22:34–22:46
When the Pharisees heard that Jesus had silenced the Sadducees, they asked Him an ethical question about the Law (vv. 34-35). They said, “Master which is the great commandment in the law” (v. 36)? This was not a new question for the scribes and Pharisees as they had b … Read more

Political Question About Paying Taxes

Matthew 22:15–22:22
The crowd was very deceptive. The day was still Tuesday. The scene was still the temple. The Lord’s enemies were smarting from the series of parables Jesus had given. They decided to try to trap Him through a series of “loaded” questions (v. 15). The Herodians (v. 16) w … Read more

Doctrinal Question About The Resurrection

Matthew 22:23–22:33
A little later the same day a group of Sadducees came to ask Jesus a doctrinal question about the resurrection (v. 23). These Sadducees were the “religious liberals” of that day. They said there is no resurrection or angels, but they were firm adherents to the law of Mo … Read more

Parable of The Wedding Party

Matthew 22:1–22:14
This parable is not to be confused with the parable of the great supper (Luke 14:16-24). The period described here must be after Jesus’ resurrection and ascension and the coming of the Holy Spirit. The Father is still inviting the people of Israel to come, in spite of what … Read more

The Cruel Vineyard Tenants

Matthew 21:33–21:46
This parable continues to make a statement against the Jewish religious authorities. Perhaps the rulers of the Jews thought they had heard enough, but Jesus continued to give them warning in another parable. He told about a landowner (God) who planted a vineyard (Israel). He buil … Read more

A Question About Jesus Authority

Matthew 21:23–21:32
Jesus returned to the temple for the third time this week (v. 23). At the end of one of His teaching sessions the chief priests and elders challenged Jesus by what authority He was doing these things; which probably was in reference to His triumphal entry into the city. In … Read more