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Asa’s Obedience to The Lord

II Chronicles 14:1–14:15
After approximately two decades of apostasy in Judah, a dedicated worshiper of God took the Throne. Asa, son of Abijah, occupied the Davidic throne for 41 years. He led the first of five great reformations in Judah. He was assessed as a generally good ruler who destroyed pagan objects of ... Read more

Conflict Between The Kingdoms

II Chronicles 13:1–13:22
Asa, son of Abijah, was assessed as a generally good ruler who destroyed the pagan objects of worship and urged compliance with the Lord, His law, and the commandment. Asa occupied the Davidic throne for 41 years ... Read more

Rehoboam Worshiped God at First but Fell Into Idolarty

II Chronicles 12:1–12:16
Rehoboam acted wisely at first as he welcomed those who came to worship God. He established the Southern kingdom and strengthened his personal position as a monarch. But after three years he forsook the law of God and led his people into idolatry and corruption (v. 1). At this time, it ... Read more

Abijah Succeeds Rehoboam

II Chronicles 11:1–11:23
Rehoboam had serious intention of quelling the revolt by force but was stopped by the Word of the Lord through the prophet Shemaiah. He then turns his attention to fortifying the cities, which were in existence before Rehoboam’s time. The purpose of Rehoboam rebuilding the cities ... Read more

Rehoboam Listens to The Bad Advice of The Younger Men

II Chronicles 10:1–10:19
The kingdom which David had consolidated and Solomon had brought to the pinnacle of prosperity was soon to be divided into two rival parts, the ten northern and two southern tribes. Though Solomon must have had many sons, none are mentioned except Rehoboam, whom he ... Read more

Evidence of Solomon’s Prosperity

II Chronicles 9:13–9:21
Solomon’s material wealth is displayed in the next few verses. His annual income was 666 talents of gold (25 tons or 50,000 pounds) (v. 13). This excluded profits that were given to him by other merchants (v. 14). The source of this massive amount of wealth in gold and silver was both external ... Read more

Queen of Sheba Brings Gifts to Solomon

II Chronicles 9:1–9:12
It has been said that Solomon was one of the richest men that ever lived. He had fantastic quantities of gold. From yearly taxes and revenue, nearly 20 million came in (I King 19:14). He owned 40,000 horses and 1400 chariots, each costing $400 apiece (I Kings 10:26). He commanded 12,000 ... Read more

Solomon’s Greatest Achievement was Finishing The Temple

II Chronicles 8:1–8:18
Twenty years was the time spent in building the temple, his own palace, and in rebuilding some villages that Hiram had previously been given by Solomon (I Kings 9:10-14). Hiram was displeased with them, so they were returned to Solomon. In this passage we find the names of ... Read more

Solomon Prays in a Way That Get’s Results

II Chronicles 7:1–7:22
The Lord has been present, he has heard, and He answers twice, once immediately and again later. The Lord sent down fire to consume the sacrifices that were prepared (v. 1). The answer to prayer was the fire. The people fell to their faces acknowledging the Lord’s faithfulness (vv. 2-3). This ... Read more

Solomon Prays For The Forgiveness of Sin

II Chronicles 6:22–6:42
Solomon looks ahead (vv. 22-31) and asks God to help His people in various trials of life. He petitioned for his own needs back in chapter 1. Now he shows great concern for his people. The heart of the pastor is taken up with the needs of his flock. Genuine revival begins by asking for ... Read more

Solomon Brings a Dedication Message For The Temple

II Chronicles 6:1–6:11
In this passage Solomon looks back (vv. 1-11). It seems that God’s appearance in “thick darknessā€ (v. 1) reminded Solomon that God had made His presence known to Moses (5:13-14) in a much more modest tabernacle. Now, however, the Lord ... would dwell in a more permanent and ... Read more

The Ark of the Covenant Was Moved to The Temple

II Chronicles 5:1–5:14
Upon completion of the temple, Solomon had all the elders of Israel and the tribal leaders assemble at Jerusalem for a great ceremonial occasion. He put in its storage rooms everything the Lord had dedicated to the Lord (v. 1). The ark of the covenant was to be brought from its temporary tent in ... Read more

Furnishings For The Temple

II Chronicles 4:1–4:22
Building the temple was a construction project that lasted 7 years (I Kings 6:38). Along with completing the main structure Solomon arranged for the manufacturing of the furnishing and interior decorating of the temple. There were alters and basins, lampstands, and tables. The "molten ... Read more

Solomon Begins to Build The Temple at Jerusalem

II Chronicles 3:1–3:17
Solomon began to build the temple at Jerusalem on Mount Moriah. Mount Moriah is just north of the old Jebusite city of Ophel, and on the spot marked by the threshing floor of Araunah, an important place. This was the place designated by the Lord and purchased by David as a site for ... Read more