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The Work of the Holy Spirit

John 16:1–16:11
At the beginning of this chapter, Jesus warned that persecution would strike the church and some Christians would fall away (vv. 1-4). Jesus did not want his disciples to stumble, but He knew that the events of the next 24 hours would shake their faith greatly. He spoke these things to them ... Read more

Why the World Hates Christians

John 15:18–15:27
Jesus turns from the subject of love to the subject of hate. It doesn’t seem logical that anyone would hate Jesus Christ and His followers, but that is exactly what happened in Jesus’ day, and is still happening today. Much of that hatred comes from religious people. Until the Lord comes back or ... Read more

The Commandment to Love One Another

John 15:12–15:17
The second commandment is to love one another (v.12). Jesus defines the extent of that love in the phrase, “as I have loved you,” which means giving sacrificially to others (vv. 13-14). Love is not an emotional feeling, but it is the act of giving. As we mentioned in the previous passage, the key ... Read more

The Pruning Process

John 15:1–15:11
Viniculture was important to the Jewish way of life. When our Lord used this illustration, He was not introducing something new. In the Old Testament, Israel is called a vine, but it’s a vine that only produced wild grapes. Christ, by contrast, is the true vine (v. 1). The Father is the owner of ... Read more

The Disciple’s Question

John 14:25–14:31
Jesus spoke these things while He was with the disciples, but His time with them was running out. The Holy Spirit would soon come to teach and to remind them of everything Jesus had taught them (vv. 25-26). This Helper is defined by holiness and truth (v. 17). Jesus was the Father’s ... Read more

The Holy Spirit’s Dwelling in Believers

John 14:15–14:24
Do you love the Lord? True love is demonstrated by obedience to the Lord’s commandments (v. 15). If you are married, the same is true of your marriage vows. Love is not some emotional ... Read more

The Measure, Means, and Might of Prayer

John 14:8–14:14
Last time, Jesus told his disciples that they had seen the Father (v. 7). Philip responded, “Lord, if you would show us the Father, that would be enough for us!” (v. 8). Philip’s heart was in the right place, but he had missed the point. Jesus is God. Everything God wanted us to know about Him ... Read more

Jesus Encourages the Troubled Disciples

John 14:1–14:7
The key statement in this chapter is, “Let not your heart be troubled” (v. 1). We can understand why the disciples would be troubled. Jesus had told them that He was going to die, that one of them was a traitor, that Peter would disown Him three times, that Satan was at work against them ... Read more

Christ’s Farewell Sermon to His Disciples

John 13:31–13:38
From a human perspective, the death of Christ was a terrible thing that involved unspeakable suffering and humiliation; but from a heavenly perspective it was the revelation of the love of God. “The hour is come that the Son of man should be glorified” (12:23). The word love is used only ... Read more

Jesus Prediction of His Betrayal

John 13:21–13:30
In this passage, Christ told His disciples to brace themselves because He was leaving. He clearly stated that one of the disciples would betray Him (vv. 21-22). The disciples were shocked in amazement and looked at each other in disbelief (v. 23). Simon Peter, the leader of the twelve, ... Read more

Happiness Comes by Serving Others

John 13:12–13:20
The key to this passage is found in verse 17 - “If ye know these things, happy are ye if ye do them.” The sequence is important, which is humbleness, holiness and then happiness. Happiness is the by- product of a life that is lived in humbleness and holiness (vv. 12-17). The world thinks that ... Read more

Humbleness, Holiness and Happiness

John 13:1–13:11
Chapter 13 gives an account of the Last Supper and of the beginning of the Lord’s farewell message to His disciples. They met together in the Upper Room to observe the Passover. Jesus knew that “His hour was come” (v. 1), and that Judas would soon betray Him (v. 2). Jesus knew ... Read more

Hardened Hearts and the Fear of Man

John 12:37–12:50
In this passage, there were those who would not believe and there were those who would not openly confess Christ even though they had believed. The first group, despite all Jesus’ miraculous signs, still would not believe in Him (vv. 37-38). This rejection had been prophesied by Isaiah ... Read more

Jesus Predicts His Death

John 12:27–12:36
Jesus explained how he came into this world to suffer and die for the sins of the world (vv. 27-33). The people heard but did not understand what He was teaching. The Jews were puzzled by his talk of death. They were sure that their Messiah would not die (v. 34). Jesus explained how He was ... Read more