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Sacrifices to Give Thanks to The Lord

Leviticus 2:1–2:16
II. THE GRAIN (MEAL) OFFERING - Chapter 2The grain offering was a gift of thanks to God. It reminded the people that their food came from God and they owed their lives to Him. The grain offering was presented at the altar in one of five forms; (1) fine flour, (2) oven baked cakes … Read more

Sacrifices To Please The Lord

Leviticus 1:10–1:17
Why are there such detailed regulations for each offering? We can be sure that God had a purpose in giving each of these commands. Starting from scratch, He was teaching, His people a whole new way of life. He wanted to cleanse them from the many heathen practices they had learne … Read more

The Burnt Offering

Leviticus 1:1–1:9
Some have said that Leviticus is the most boring book of the Bible. This is easy to think unless you see how Christ is on every page of Leviticus. Like no Old Testament Book, Leviticus is filled with pictures of Christ. In Genesis, we see humanity ruined by the fall. In Exodus we … Read more

Jerusalem - The City of God

Psalms 76:1–76:12
Most commentators agree this psalm belongs to the time when God overthrew Sennacherib’s hosts before the gates of Jerusalem. Like Psalm 75 it is a hymn of praise. We are told how God is great (v. 1) and His fame is known in (Zion) Jerusalem (v. 2). He is known because of His defe … Read more

Praising God For All He Has Done

Psalms 75:1–75:10
One day the Jews in Jerusalem looked out the gates of their city and were terrified to see their Assyrian enemies camped outside. The Assyrian tents were still there and their flags were flapping in the breeze. However vultures were circling the camp and there was a stillness of … Read more

A Defence of The Truth

Psalms 74:13–74:23
Even though the temple lay in ruins and the people were exiles in a foreign land he encouraged his soul with a defense of the truth (vv. 12-17).When God does not answer in the thunder and the storm it is not because he can not but because it is to His glory to act in a gentler, b … Read more

A Prayer For Relief From Oppressors

Psalms 74:1–74:12
This psalm teaches us how to pray when calamity strikes. Just like we are so prone to do the psalmist asks why?Why have you abandoned your own people? (v.1) “Thine enemies roar” (v.4)Why have you abandoned your own possessions? (v. 2) “They break down the carved wo … Read more

Psalms 73:20–73:28

The problem is solved - (vv. 17-28) - The Psalmist records:(a) his own foolishness (vv. 17-22)(b) his own future (vv. 23-26) (c) his own faith (vv. 27-2 as he contrasts that which awaits the godless rich man in comparison to what the godly life has to offer. … Read more

Psalms 73:10–73:19

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The Prosperity of The Wicked

Psalms 73:1–73:09
This psalm returns to the problem David had in Psalm 37 and was emphasized again in Psalm 49. It deals with the age old problem of what seems to be the prosperity of the wicked and the suffering of the godly.The problem is stated (vv. 1-3) - Even though the Psalmist has con … Read more

God Helps Those Who Help Others

Psalms 72:12–72:20
Solomon reigned in what has been referred to as Israel’s golden age. He built the magnificent temple, and even the pots and pans in the kitchen were made of gold. However he had pity on the poor and the weak and helped everyone who was poor and needy (vv. 12-13). He cared f … Read more

Prayer For Righteous Judgement

Psalms 72:1–72:11
Bible scholars attribute this Psalm to Solomon and say that it describes his reign. It opens with prayer that God would give the king ability to judge righteously (vv. 1-2). It is one thing to be the king and quite another to reign righteously. In the early days of being king, So … Read more

Continuation of a Life of Praise

Psalms 71:14–71:24
The psalmist knew the sweetness of his salvation, he knew the glory of the days he had walked with the Lord; but he did not know how many days remained for him to do so (vv. 12-15). He had been raised in a God-fearing environment and learned well of the goodness of God. His one c … Read more

Prayer For God’s Protection

Psalms 71:1–71:13
In this passage it seems that the psalmist was old and saw life as a testimony of all God had done for him. He finds himself approaching the last lap of his journey in the service of God, he had run a good race, he had kept the faith, and he pleads with God for strength to finish … Read more