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Self Control is Important

Proverbs 25:11–25:28
The writer is making a comparison with the apples of gold in a framework of silver (a beautiful work of sculpture) to words of wisdom spoken at a proper time (v. 11). The kindly rebuke of a wise man is of greater value than costly presents (v. 12). In ancient times, snow was stored up in ... Read more

Tell a Person His Fault Alone

Proverbs 25:1–25:10
About 250 years after Solomon wrote them, Hezekiah’s men grouped many of these proverbs in units of similar thoughts (v. 1). Man is constantly forced to confess the limits of his understanding (vv. 2-3). God’s thoughts are far above our thoughts (Rom. 11:33-34). God has not chosen to reveal ... Read more

Priorities in Establishing a Home

Proverbs 24:23–24:34
The following topics are discussed in this section: 1. Partiality in judging (vv. 23-26) It is never good to operate on preferences when making judgments of people. To judge between persons based on preference is to turn justice into ... Read more

Rejoicing for The Wrong Reasons

Proverbs 24:11–24:22
People who are being taken to death and slaughter probably are victims of unjust oppression rather than guilty people being condemned (v. 11). Some people may claim they are ignorant of others’ plights, but God knows who is guilty of willful ignorance, and He will judge it. We learn here about ... Read more

What is in Your Heart Comes Out in Your Talk

Proverbs 24:1–24:10
The glamour of the world often arouses envy in the minds of young and old alike. A Christian should not want what the world has to offer or even want to be with worldly people (v. 1). The best thing the world has to offer is only temporary no matter how attractive it may seem. If we hang ... Read more

Drunkenness Leads to All Kinds of Problems

Proverbs 23:24–23:35
In Proverbs being wise in God’s view means being godly or righteous (vv. 24-25). Wise, godly living, in obedience to the parents’ discipline, not only benefits the child; it also benefits the parents. Again, the son was exhorted to follow his father’s teaching (vv. 26- 28). The words “give me your ... Read more

A Wise Child Will Hear His Parents Instruction

Proverbs 23:12–23:23
It is only when the heart is ready to receive instruction, and the ear is ready to hear that a person will grow in his spiritual life (v. 12). There is a big differ¬ence between reading the Bible (or hearing it explained) and meditating upon it. That is why so many people never grow much in their Christian ... Read more

Trying to Teach a Fool is Useless

Proverbs 23:1–23:11
When invited to a banquet, hosted by someone who is of a higher station in life, a person needs to exercise self-restraint and remember where he is (vv. 1-3). A ruler host may seem to be friendly and try to “butter up” with a nice meal but, he may be planning to later take advantage of his guest ... Read more

The Problem of Co-signing For Someone

Proverbs 22:22–22:29
We find in these verses a strong warning against taking advantage of the poor (vv. 22-23). The Lord is on the side of the weak and helpless and will bring judgment on those who take advantage of those who are needy. Next, we have a warning against being a friend or even associating with a ... Read more

Sayings of The Wise

Proverbs 22:12–22:21
To be wise is to be under God’s “seeing eyes” of protection (v. 12). To be unwise and treacherous, even in what one says, is to be on a path that will end in frustration. The lazy person has all kinds of excuses for not wanting to work (v. 13). When no dangers or difficulties exist, he imagines them ... Read more

Train a Child Right and He Will Not Depart From It

Proverbs 22:1–22:11
A good name is far more important in life than to accumulate a lot of wealth (v. 1). A person may acquire wealth (v. 2) but that does not separate him from the poor, for both are creatures whose maker is the Lord. God therefore is concerned about everyone, regardless of their economic status ... Read more

Wisdom Gives Strength And Security

Proverbs 21:22–21:31
It is not physical strength alone that gives us the ability to break through seemingly impossible positions. Wisdom gives strength and security (v. 22). This lesson is very important for us to learn when we are up against spiritual foes. Unwise words, however true they may be, are often the cause ... Read more

A Wise Person Stores Food Like an Ant

Proverbs 21:11–21:21
When a person resists truth and is permitted to go unrebuked it makes him look good in the eyes of the ignorant. For this reason, we are told that the public punishment of a scorner may cause the simple to become wise (v. 11). The “Righteous One” refers to God, not man, because only He fully ... Read more

A Contentious Wife Makes Life Miserable

Proverbs 21:1–21:10
There is no king or ruler so great that he can act in independence of God. Whether he admits it or not God is controlling him just as he controls the water in the rivers (v. 1). A good example of this was Pharaoh. We may think that nothing is wrong in the things we are doing but the Lord knows ... Read more