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The Lord Promises to be With His People

Exodus 33:12–33:23
This passage can be divided into three sections with each introduced by the words “Moses said: “Moses said he wanted God’s presence to be with them as they journeyed toward the promised land (vv. 12-13). In response, God reversed his threat and promised to go with … Read more

The Lord Commands Israel to Leave Mt Sinai

Exodus 33:1–33:11
God tells Moses that he and his people were led out of Egypt and they now need to move out of Mt Sinai and go toward the promised land (v. 1). He promised to send an angel with them and defeat their enemies but said He would not go with them (vv. 2-3). Because of their sin … Read more

God Orders 3000 People Killed

Exodus 32:25–32:35
Moses knew that the Israelites were out of control and it was Aaron’s fault (v. 25). The people had cast off all restraints (Prov. 29:18). Moses realized that decisive action was required, so he challenged the people by standing at the gate and shouting, “Everyone who is on … Read more

Moses Blames Aaron For Making The Golden Calf

Exodus 32:11–32:24
Moses tries to get God to change his mind (v. 11). While, still on the mountain, Moses heard that his people had sinned, but he did not seek to justify their actions. However, he pleaded with God for mercy and to not destroy the people (vv. 12-13). He reminded God of his pr … Read more

The People Make a Golden Calf to Worship

Exodus 32:1–32:10
Even though the Israelites had seen the invisible God in action, they still wanted the familiar gods they could see and shape into whatever image they desired (vv. 1-10). It was not long after the Israelites had agreed to be the Lord’s covenant people that they asked Aaron … Read more

Laws of The Sabbath

Exodus 31:12–31:18
Moses tells the Israelites what the Lord has commanded them to do. Even while building the tabernacle, they must keep the Sabbath, for the sake of knowing the Lord as the one who set them apart and as the one who created the world in six days (vv. 12-17). Observing the Sabb … Read more

Building The Temple

Exodus 31:1–31:11
God regards all the skills of His people, not just those with theological or ministerial abilities. Our tendency is to regard only those who are upfront and in leadership roles. God gave Bezalel and Oholiab Spirit-filled abilities in artistic craftsmanship (vv. 1-5). In other wor … Read more

The Altar of Inscense

Exodus 30:1–30:38
* The altar for burning Incense (vv. 1-10). This stood inside the tabernacle, in the room with the lampstand and the table of showbread and was the last piece to which the High-Priest came before he entered the Holy of Holies. * The money for the Sacred Tent (vv. 1 … Read more

Instructions For Ordaining Priests

Exodus 29:1–29:46
Just as Moses received the directions for building the tabernacle the directions for consecrating the priests are given in this chapter. The ones chose to begin the priesthood could not enter into the office without Moses conducting a solemn, seven day time of initiation (vv. 1-18). … Read more

The Clothes For The High Priest

Exodus 28:1–28:43
God was teaching his people how to worship Him. He explained how He needed someone to oversee the operations of the tabernacle and to help the people maintain their relationship with God. These men could only be members of the tribe of Levi. This chapter has to do with the clothe … Read more

The Altar of Burnt Offering

Exodus 27:1–27:21
In giving instructions about the tabernacle God progressed from within to the courtyard outside the tabernacle. A large altar of acacia wood covered with brass rested outside (vv. 1- 8). It was about seven feet square and almost five feet high which was large enough to burn the sacrifice… Read more

Furnishings For The Tabernacle

Exodus 26:1–26:37
Chapter 26 focuses on the tabernacle. This portable building was 15’ by 45’ with a wooden framework  at the sides, top and back. Over the top and back of the structure were placed 10 curtains of fine linen, embroidered with blue, purple, and scarlet, which served … Read more

The Ark of The Covenant

Exodus 25:10–25:22
There were seven pieces of furniture found in the Tabernacle and the first two pieces that the Holy Spirit describes are the Ark and the Mercy-seat; the mercy-seat being the cover or lid of the Ark. The ark was called “the Ark of the covenant.” The Lord told Moses to … Read more

The Table of Showbread

Exodus 25:23–25:30
The tabernacle was one long building made into two parts. The first room was called the Holy Place. Only the priests were allowed to come in here. There were three pieces of furniture here. One was a table covered over with gold and with poles put through rings at each end for ca … Read more