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Paul’s Closing Prayer

Romans 16:21–16:27
We find here a great roll call of heroes (vv. 21-24). Timothy was mentioned first as he was often in the book of Acts and the Epistles. He was Paul’s “son in the faith” and labored with him in many difficult places. He was a key person in the growth of the early church, traveling with Paul on his ... Read more

Avoid Devisive People

Romans 16:17–16:20
As Paul comes to the end of his message, he warns them about false teachers who, instead of preaching the truth, spread their own religious propaganda (vv. 17-18). These evildoers are not Christian teachers who have fallen into error, as some teach, but are ungodly men. They are not ... Read more

Paul Sends Greetings to Friends And Churches

Romans 16:1–16:16
In this chapter Paul sends greeting to at least 26 people by name, as well as two unnamed saints, and to the people in several churches who were meeting in homes. It shows that Paul was a real “people person.” His great heart embraced all the people of God, and his love for them provoked ... Read more

Paul Requests Prayer For The Ministry

Romans 15:30–15:33
Too often we view prayer as a time for comfort, reflection, or making our requests known to God. But in verse 30 Paul urges believers to join in his struggles by means of prayer. Prayer is also a weapon in all believers’ armor as we intercede for others who join in the fight against Satan ... Read more

Paul’s Plan to Visit Rome

Romans 15:20–15:29
Paul had not been hindered in going to Rome because of Satanic opposition or physical obstacles, but by the challenge of completing his work right where he was. He was the type of person who finished one job before he started another one. Paul had a desire for many years to go to Spain (v. Read more

Paul’s Work as a Missionary

Romans 15:14–15:19
Before Paul plunges into an account of his own missionary philosophy, he tactfully congratulates his brethren in Rome on their accomplishments (v. 14). He also acknowledges how they are able to admonish one another. Few, if any, can speak with such authority about world missions as the ... Read more

The Good News is For Jews And Gentiles

Romans 15:1–15:13
Christians must not force their opinions on others. There are certain foundational truths that are essential to our walk with the Lord. However, there are many other matters of honest disagreement that must not be a test of our faith. We must not try to force our convictions about these matters ... Read more

How Our Attitude Spreads to Others

Romans 14:13–14:23
Paul has been warning about judging other Christians, and how it affects our attitudes and actions toward them, even to the point of hindering our own walk with the Lord. Now he shows the other side of the coin and what kind of an effect our convictions and actions can have on other Christians ... Read more

Alive or Dead it Must be For The Lord

Romans 14:7–14:12
In the previous passage Paul asked the weak Christian, “Why are you judging your brother?” Then he asked the strong Christian, “Why are you despising your brother?” Both the strong and the weak will one day stand before the Judgment Seat of Christ. They will not be judging each other, but ... Read more

The Law of Liberty

Romans 14:1–14:6
Divisions and contentions have always been a problem for believers. Almost every local church mentioned in the New Testament had divisions. The Galatian Christians were “biting and devouring” one another (Galatians 5:15). The Corinthians had members who were suing one ... Read more

The Day When Christ Returns

Romans 13:8–13:14
The phrase “owe no man anything” (13:8) is debated in Christian circles. Hudson Taylor, the godly missionary to China, & Charles Spurgeon, the great Baptist preacher, would never go into debt, basing their convictions on this verse. This verse does not specifically refer to the borrowing of ... Read more

Submit to Government

Romans 13:1–13:7
God has established these institutions: the home (Genesis 2:18- 25), government (Genesis 9:1-7), and the church (Acts 2). Paul tells us what our relationship to human government is to be. It is God who established the governments of the world, so man must be in subjection to them. To ... Read more

Repay No One Evil For Evil

Romans 12:17–12:21
These verses in this passage summarize the core of Christian living. In this day of constant lawsuits and demands for legal rights, Paul’s command sounds almost impossible. When someone hurts you deeply, instead of giving him what he deserves, Paul says to befriend him (vv. 17-21). We are ... Read more

Rules For Christian Living

Romans 12:9–12:16
Christian hospitality differs from social entertaining. Entertaining focuses on the host and the home. The home must be spotless, the food must be well prepared, the host must appear to be relaxed and good natured. Hospitality by contrast focuses on the guest. Hospitality can happen in a messy ... Read more