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A Prayer For The Lord’s Protection

Psalms 141:1–141:10
For the most part this is a psalm of prayer for delive¬rance from wicked men and sinful practices and it ap¬pears the situation is growing desperate. The account of David in I Sam. 24:1-7 is where Saul came after him with three thousand men and David has a chance to kill Saul but refused to ... Read more

A Prayer For The Lord’s Help

Psalms 140:1–140:13
David was being slandered and violence was present. This psalm can be divided as follows ... Read more

He Knows Everything

Psalms 139:13–139:24
3. God is all powerful (omnipotent) (vv. 13-18). Many examples of God’s vast creation could have been used, but just one, the miracle of birth, is given. It is truly a miracle how God personally “handmade” us and ordered the days of our life. Read more

The Lord is Always Near

Psalms 139:1–139:12
Sometimes we don’t want people to get to know us completely because we are afraid, they will discover something about us that they won’t like. However, God already knows everything about ... Read more

His Love Never Fails

Psalms 137:1–138:8
Reflecting on the period of exile, Psalm 137 may have been written toward the end of the Babylonian Captivity. So great was the exiles’ grief that even the singers were silent. It is about two cities: Babylon and Jerusalem, and Edom, Israel’s the next-door neighbor. The Israelites ... Read more

His Mercy Endures Forever

Psalms 136:10–136:26
Let’s continue where we left off yesterday with 6 more reasons we need to praise the Lord: 4. For what He did with the first born in Egypt (vv. 10- 12). Read more

God’s Love Never Fails

Psalms 136:1–136:9
Every verse in this Psalm ends in the words “His mercy endures forever.” It follows the progress of the events from the creation in Genesis to the conquest of Canaan recorded in Joshua. It is thought that the Levite song leader would recite the first half of each verse and the congregation ... Read more

Don’t Worship Idols

Psalms 135:13–135:21
The purpose of this passage is: 1. To arm the people of God against idolatry and all false worship (vv. 13-18). This is done by showing what sort of gods they were that the heathen worshiped. These images were the work of ... Read more

Praise Him For His Kindness

Psalms 135:1–135:12
The theme of Psalm 135 is worship. Our worship should be inspired by the fact of who God is and our position in Him (vv. 1-2). Just the mere thought of His name should inspire us to praise Him. Even a little child can praise Him, and it will bring as much delight to the heart of God as a mature ... Read more

Living Together in Peace

Psalms 133:1–134:3
God desires unity for us, and Satan works night and day to keep unity from us. How good and how pleasant it is when you find a group of believers who dwell together in unity. Jesus prayed for our unity in John 17:21. Nothing is more good or pleasant than to see believers serving God with one ... Read more

He will keep His Promises

Psalms 132:1–132:18
This psalm begins with David’s desire to build the temple. When he became king he built a beautiful palace, but it troubled him that the ark of the covenant, the symbol of God’s presence among his people, remained in a tent. The opening verses tell of David’s intention to build a ... Read more

Trust in the Lord

Psalms 130:1–131:3
Someone once said, “we do not know what prayer really is until we have cried out of deep sorrow or despair.” The Psalmist wanted to be heard which is even better than getting an answered. If God answered all our requests the way we wanted, it might be more of a curse than a blessing. If we ... Read more

A Prayer for Protection

Psalms 129:1–129:8
The church has been often greatly distressed by its enemies on earth: Israel may now say, “I am the people that has been oppressed more than any people, that has been as a speckled bird, pecked at by all the birds round about,” Jer. 12:9. It is true, they brought their troubles upon themselves ... Read more

The Lord Rewards His Own

Psalms 127:1–128:6
Psalm 127 exhorts us to continually recognize God’s influence in every area of our life. God has intended that man should work by day and sleep peacefully by night. It is folly for us to rise early and stay up late, thus deny ourselves bodily refreshments in the eager pursuit of worldly wealth ... Read more