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Awesome Deeds of God’s Power

Psalms 65:1–65:8
David may have written this psalm to be sung annually when the harvest was brought to the Lord. It is obviously a harvest hymn of praise, designed to be sung on an occasion of thanksgiving and not a ritual. The psalm begins with a mention of man’s preparation to praise God … Read more

Abundant Provision of Harvest

Psalms 65:9–65:13
It seems that the psalmist is inspired to write about the abundant harvest and give thanks to God. He summarizes the generosity of God’s care of the land (v. 9), and develops the theme of blessing on the land (vv. 10-13).God’s rain showers prepare the land for production (v. 10). … Read more

Prayer For Protection From Malicious Schemes

Psalms 64:1–64:6
This is another of David’s prayers for God’s judgement on his enemies. He prayed for protection from those who conspired against him. It seems that this psalm could have been written at the time of the Absalom rebellion. The conspiracy against David was being carried forward by m … Read more

The Prophesy of Divine Judgment

Psalms 64:7–64:10
David predicted that God would intervene and strike them (v. 7). Their tongues, like arrows, will be turned against them by God and everyone who sees them will tremble with fear (v. 8). They will be afraid and say, “Look what God has done” (v. 9). The righteous shall be … Read more

David Praises God in a Time of Distress

Psalms 63:1–63:11
The faith expressed in Psalms 61 and 62 reaches a climax in this marvelous hymn of David, written in the wilderness. He was going through one of those rough times, which seemed to be his lot in life. He had been driven from the throne by his son, Absalom, and was headed out … Read more

Trust in The Lord in Spite of Opposition

Psalms 62:1–62:12
This Psalm reflects David’s trust in the Lord in spite of opposition. It contrasts the security of trusting God with the insecurity of relying on human means. The theme of this Psalm is suggested in verse 1 when David wrote that he waited in silence for God. It appears that it ma … Read more

Assurance in God’s Enduring Promises

Psalms 61:1–61:8
It is evident that David wrote this Psalm while he was undergoing some type of banishment. It seems that he may have written it soon after Absalom’s rebellion had been crushed by Joab. Absalom was dead and it looked like the way was now clear for David to return to Jerusalem. Ho … Read more

Prayer For Deliverance

Psalms 60:1–60:5
The historical background for this Psalm can be found in II Samuel 8:13-14; I Kings 11:15-16 and I Chronicles 18:12-13. King David had inherited all the dreadful years of failure and defeat, apostasy and backsliding, misery and woe under the judges and under Saul. He took o … Read more

Confident The Lord Would Lead Them

Psalms 60:6–60:12
David surveys the land that will soon be his responsibility to govern as king. He wanted everything that God had promised to his people. Shechem, was an important territory that had not yet yielded to David’s government (v. 6). The valley of Succoth (Gen. 33:17) which was East of … Read more

Conspiracy Against The Innocent

Psalms 59:1–59:8
David became an old hand at dealing with danger. He was near death’s door time and time again. As a teenage shepherd boy in the Judean Hills David had barely escaped the jaws of wild beasts. He had faced the threats of Goliath in the valley of Eloh. But the dangers he faced in th … Read more

Anticipation of Praise

Psalms 59:9–59:17
These next few verses of this Psalm may have been penned after David had escaped from his enemies and he wanted the people to recognize God’s system of justice (vv. 9-10). David was hunted by those whose love had turned to jealousy, and this was driving them to try to murder him. … Read more

The Rebuke of Unjust Judges

Psalms 58:1–58:5
Psalm 58 is a Psalm about injustice and the abuse of the system of justice. It is impossible to say with certainty when David wrote this. Some think it was soon after he became king and discovered how corrupt the system of justice really was in Israel. Others think David wrote th … Read more

Swift Judgement on The Judges

Psalms 58:6–58:11
The Psalmist gives a series of graphic pictures showing the certain fate of those who corrupt the justice system:A disarmed lion (v. 6). David could picture himself as a shepherd tending the sheep when a lion would attack. He would be helpless with just his shepherd’s staff … Read more

The Need For Divine Intervention

Psalms 57:1–57:6
This Psalm is made up of prayers in the midst of perils. It is thought that David wrote this when he fled from Saul in the cave of Adulham in the valley of the Philistines (I Samuel 22). Another possibility is that it was penned in the cave of Engedi along the limestone banks of … Read more