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Solomon Brings The Ark to The Temple

I Kings 8:1–8:21
Chapter eight shares the climax of Solomon’s accomplishments and the dedication of the temple. The verses today recount the period of “moving in” (vv. 1-21). The most important item after all the new furnishings and utensils had been put in place was the Ark of the Cov … Read more

Furnishings of The Temple

I Kings 7:27–7:51
We now move from a description of Solomon’s palace to a description of the temple and its’ furnishings. Bronze was used for the furnishing on the outside but the furniture on the inside was made of gold. The description of the bronze work of the temple makes it apparent that gr … Read more

Solomon’s Palace Complex

I Kings 7:1–7:26
The description of Solomon’s palace in this portion of scripture raises a question as to whether one building or several were constructed as it refers to the forest of Lebanon (v. 2). Most scholars think this reference is to the extensive use of Lebanese cedar rather than … Read more

The Temples Interior

I Kings 6:23–6:38
In this passage a description of the inside of the temple is given. The cherubim were sculptured angels, carved from olive wood. Their wings were spread 30 feet and they were covered with gold (vv. 23-28). The walls of the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place were decorated with … Read more

Solomon Builds The Temple

I Kings 6:1–6:22
The author begins chapter 6 by describing the building of the temple. It began in mid-spring during the fourth year of Solomon’s reign (v. 1). This was 480 years after Israel was delivered from Egypt. The temple was not made according to the pattern of the Tabernacle, which had … Read more

Solomon Prepares to Build The Temple

I Kings 5:1–5:18
Hiram, King of Tyre, located on the Mediterranean Sea north of Israel, sent his envoys to pay his respects to Solomon the new King. Hiram had been an ally and friend of King David and had supplied materials and laborers to build David’s palace (II Sam. 5:11). Now Solomo … Read more

Prosperity And Wisdom of Solomon’s Reign

I Kings 4:20–4:34
Solomon’s kingdom was unified, secure, strong, and prosperous, with a large population. Solomon’s rule extended over all the kingdoms from the river Euphrates to the border of Egypt (v. 21). His kingdom was strong, secure, and prosperous with a very large population. Ver … Read more

Solomon’s Political Organization

I Kings 4:1–4:19
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Solomon Requests Wisdom

I Kings 3:1–3:15
The scene shifts in this chapter from Solomon taking care of his enemies to taking care of the kingdom. In verse one we find him forming a marriage alliance with Pharaoh, King of Egypt, for his daughter which was clearly a diplomatic alliance. Solomon was not as careful about m … Read more

Solomon’s Wise Judgment

I Kings 3:16–3:28
Solomon’s wisdom is put to the test. Two prostitutes, living in the same house, each had a baby three days apart. During the night one of the babies died and his mother exchanged the dead child for the living child. The next morning the other woman realized that the dead son w … Read more

Joab’s Execution

I Kings 2:26–2:35
The removal of four men was imperative if Solomon’s throne was to remain secure. Already Adonijah has been lain. Now the second conspirator, Abiathar, has to be dealt with. He was the priest who though faithful to David, had supported Adonijah as his successor. He could have bee … Read more

Shimei Executed

I Kings 2:36–2:46
Shimei first appeared in Scripture throwing rocks and cursing as David’s army was fleeing from Absalom. David’s men wanted to kill him on the spot (II Sam. 16:5-13) but his execution was delayed, probably because of all that David was facing at the moment in view of Absalom’s … Read more

Solomon Executes Adonijah

I Kings 2:13–2:25
In the closing verses of chapter one Solomon, as the new King, forgave his brother Adonijah for his attempted takeover of the kingdom and told him to go his way and behave himself. Now in this passage we have a new and strange turn of events. Adonijah comes to Bathsheba (the Quee … Read more

David’s Instructions to Solomon

I Kings 2:1–2:12
David knew that he would soon die so he made plans to counsel his successor. His instructions to Solomon were two fold: 1. Solomon’s relationship to God (vv. 1-4) - His two main exhortations were: “Be strong... and show yourself a man” and “Keep the charge o … Read more