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An Opportunity to Make a Fresh Start

Jeremiah 31:31–31:40
In addition to a new beginning God promised to make a New Covenant with His people (vv. 31-37). Here is the promise of a “New Covenant.” This is the only mention of a “New Covenant” in the OT (v. 31). There are some differences between the old and new cove … Read more

Man is Responsible For His Own Sins

Jeremiah 31:15–31:30
The nation’s future hope will contrast sharply with her present misery (vv. 15-20). Rachel, the mother of Benjamin, continues to live through the descendants of that tribe (v. 15). In N.T. fulfillment her weeping is prompted by the cruel and barbarous act of Herod, who had … Read more

He Promises to Restore Joy

Jeremiah 31:1–31:14
God promises all the tribes of Israel that He will restore them (vv. 1-2). Despite Judah’s rejection and apostasy, God loved them (v. 3). “Loving kindness” refers to God condescending in goodness to the needs of His people. He says that I will restore your joy ( … Read more

God Will Restore His People

Jeremiah 30:1–30:11
God told Jeremiah to write His promises of comfort in a book so they would be available to the exiles after theJerusalem fall (vv. 1-3). This book would declare a note of hope that the days are coming when God will restore His people. Jeremiah pointed to a day of restoration when Go … Read more

Judgment Must Come Before Blessing Can Come

Jeremiah 30:12–30:24
Israel’s condition was critical (vv. 12-15). Her wound appeared incurable, and no one was available to provide a remedy for her sore (v. 12). The allies in whom the nation had placed such great hope had forgotten her (vv. 13-14). Even God had struck her as an enemy and puni … Read more

It is Dangerous to Take Sides Against God’s Man

Jeremiah 29:15–29:32
The people disbelieved Jeremiah’s message because it contradicted the message of the false Jewish prophets in Babylon (vv. 15-19). Evidently these prophets were proclaiming the safety of Jerusalem and the swift return of those in captivity. Jeremiah shattered their optimist … Read more

God Never Forgets His People

Jeremiah 29:1–29:14
Jeremiah writes a letter to all the priests, prophets and people that Nebuchadnezzar had taken into exile from Jerusalem to Babylon (vv. 1-2). The setting is probably after the fall of Judah in 597 b.c., following the deportation of Jeconiah (Jehoiachin). The couriers were from p … Read more

Speak The Truth Even When It is Unpopular

Jeremiah 28:1–28:17
Hananiah was one of the false prophets who confronted Jeremiah (vv. 1-4). Hananiah’s home, Gibeon, was in Benjamin, about 6 miles northwest of Jerusalem. The Gibeonites deceived Joshua into making  a treaty with them (Josh. 9:1-15). It was at Gibeon that Joab killed Am … Read more

God is in Control

Jeremiah 27:1–27:22
The events of chapter 27 took place early in the reign of Zedekiah (v. 1). Nebuchadnezzar had already invaded Judah once and had taken many captives. Jeremiah was commanded by God to wear a yoke, like those used to hitch a team of oxen together (v. 2), as a symbol of bondage as h … Read more

Jeremiah Was on Trial For His Life

Jeremiah 26:1–26:24
This chapter gives a historical background of Jeremiah’s temple message given in chapters 7-10. In those chapters he focused on the content of the message while in this chapter he focuses on the response to the message. It describes how and why Jeremiah was on trial for his … Read more

Nations Who Experience God’s Wrath Will Fall

Jeremiah 25:13–25:29
Jeremiah had a vision of the Lord holding in His hand a cup. The cup was filled with God’s wrath. Judah was not the only nation to experience God’s wrath (vv. 15-18). Jeremiah lists the other wicked nations who would experience God’s judgment at the hand of Baby … Read more

No Way to Escape God’s Judgment

Jeremiah 25:30–25:38
The final section of this chapter concludes with God pouring out his vengeance upon His rebellious people. So great is God’s indictment upon mankind that the victims of this coming disaster will be like dung upon the ground. Both the rulers and the people will be destroy … Read more

It is Important to Never Quit

Jeremiah 25:1–25:14
This message was given by Jeremiah during the fourth year of King Jehoiakim, the year Nebuchadnezar came to power (v. 1). Jeremiah had been prophesying for 25 years. He had spoken to the people again and again but they had not listened to his warnings to repent (vv. 2-3). God had … Read more

Depending on The Power of God

Jeremiah 24:1–24:10
The prophet is shown a vision of two baskets of figs (v. 1). One was a basket of good figs, the other of rotten, stinking and smelly figs (vv. 2-3). God said “These figs are like the people.” The good figs represented those who are going to be carried captive to Babyl … Read more