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Messengers from John the Baptist

Luke 7:18–7:35
John the Baptist was cast into prison shortly after he introduced Christ to Israel. He was put there for speaking out against the adulterous relationship King Herod was having with his brother’s wife, Herodias. This time period can be outlined as follows: Confusion ( … Read more

A Widows Son is Raised

Luke 7:11–7:17
Soon after the miraculous healing of the Centurion’s servant, Jesus went to a town called Nain, and his disciples and a large crowd went along with him. It is thought that this took place in the mid to late part of the first year of Jesus’ public ministry. As he approached the to … Read more

A Centurion’s Servant is Healed

Luke 7:1–7:10
In this chapter Jesus is confronted with a dying ser­vant (vv. 1-10), a grieving widow (vv. 11-17), a perplexed prophet (vv. 18-35) and a repentant sinner (vv. 36-50). In today’s passage we are introduced to the dying servant as Jesus demonstrates His sovereign power ov … Read more

The Rules of Kingdom Life

Luke 6:27–6:38
This portion of Scripture contains what is commonly called “The Golden Rule.” It is a mistake to think that our Lord was teaching a system of ethics that will do away with evil and raise us to a higher spiritual plane. The Jews despised the Romans because they oppressed … Read more

Jesus Teaching in Parables

Luke 6:39–6:49
In this passage we find three parables. A parable is an earthly story with a heavenly meaning. Jesus used several parables drawn from everyday life to illustrate the principles He was teaching:The Eye and its Focus (vv. 39-42) - Discernment is the key as we tend to judge.To s … Read more

Jesus Selects the Twelve Apostles

Luke 6:12–6:26
The selection of the twelve Apostles was made after Jesus spent a night in prayer (v. 12). Jesus had a large number of disciples and from those He picked 12 who were to be Apostles (vv. 13-16). A disciple is a learner or an apprentice, while an apostle is a chosen messenger sent … Read more

Jesus Works and Heals on the Sabbath

Luke 6:1–6:11
On the Sabbath day, possibly the next day after the feast at Matthew’s house, another problem is brought up by the Pharisees. Jesus and His disciples are passing through some grain fields and being hungry they pluck some of the grain and ate it (v. 1). These Pharisees who s … Read more

Matthew was Called to Follow Jesus

Luke 5:27–5:39
Departing from Capernaum Jesus passes by Levi (called Matthew in the Gospel he wrote), who sat at the toll booth and collected taxes on the merchandise that was brought through (v. 27). However he was not a chief tax collector, as Zaccheus was (19:2), nor does the text sa … Read more

Jesus Cleanses a Leper

Luke 5:12–5:16
A man came to Jesus who was covered with leprosy (v. 12). Leprosy was a feared disease because there was no known cure for it. It had a similar emotional impact and terror associated with it that AIDS does today. The symptoms ranged from white patches on the skin, to running … Read more

Jesus Heals a Paralyzed Man

Luke 5:17–5:26
Some days afterward Jesus again comes to Capernaum, possibly at Peter’s house and the crowd gathered to hear Him preach and to see Him heal. So many came that the crowd filled the house and began to crowd around the house. In fact some of these were official reli­gious … Read more

A Miraculous Catch of Fish

Luke 5:1–5:11
At “the Lake of Gennesaret,” which is another name for the Sea of Galilee, Jesus uses Peter’s boat as a pulpit from which to preach to the crowd on the shore (vv. 1-3). Dr. J. Vernon McGee said, “Every pulpit is a fishing boat, a place to give out the Word of … Read more

Demons Are Cast Out

Luke 4:31–4:37
Jesus went to Capernaum, which He later made His home since His own hometown, Nazareth, had rejected Him. He sets up His headquarters in Capernaum, the home town of Peter, Andrew, James and John. On the Sabbath Jesus gives a powerful message at the synagogue (v. 31). It is no … Read more

Jesus Heals Many People

Luke 4:38–4:44
At the conclusion of the service at the synagogue Jesus goes to the home of Simon Peter. Peter’s mother-in-law was very sick “with a great fever” (v. 38). In a moment Jesus heals her and she is able to “minister unto them” (v.39). It is quite evident from … Read more

Jesus Makes Three Important Announcements

Luke 4:22–4:30
The people marveled at the gracious words coming from Jesus mouth (v. 22). However they immediately began to question what authority he had to be saying these things (v. 23). He was not accepted as a prophet in His home town (v. 24). Jesus, sensing their opposition, noted two i … Read more