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Ezra Arrives in The Land

Ezra 7:1–7:10
Between the events of chapter 6 and the return of Ezra in this chapter is a period of fifty-seven years. Although the people had re-established temple worship under Zerubbabel and Joshua they were obviously living in a backslidden and despondent condition. No further refere … Read more

The Temple is Dedicated

Ezra 6:13–6:22
Governor Tattenai, Shethar Bozenai, and their advisors carefully obeyed King Darius (v. 13). With great success the Jewish leaders continued working on the temple, while Haggai and Zechariah encouraged them by their preaching (v. 14). And so, the temple was completed at the comma … Read more

The Temple is Completed

Ezra 6:1–6:12
Darius commanded that the records be searched to determine if Cyrus had actually made a decree permitting the rebuilding of the temple in Jerusalem (v. 1). The document they sought was not found in Babylon but in Ecbatana, the capital of Media Province, where the Persian kings ma … Read more

The Work on The Temple Progresses

Ezra 5:6–5:17
Governor Tattenai, Shethar Bozenai, and their advisors sent a report to King Darius wishing him the best (vv. 6-7). They tell how they went to Judah, where the temple of the great God is being built with huge stones and wooden beams set in the walls (v. 8). Everyone is working ha … Read more

Restoration of The Temple Resumed

Ezra 5:1–5:5
As this chapter opens Artaxerxes, the king who had forbidden the Jews to work on the temple, had been slain and a new king, Darius, had been on the throne for over a year. However no attempt had been made to start building again because everyone was discouraged including the lead … Read more

The King Stops The Rebuilding of Jerusalem

Ezra 4:17–4:24
King Xerxes answers the letter written to him by the Samaritan leaders (v. 17). He states that after their letter had been translated to him (v. 18) he did some research and found out it was true that for years Jerusalem has rebelled and caused trouble for other kings and nations … Read more

Rebuilding of Jerusalem Opposed

Ezra 4:6–4:16
Every attempt to revive true religion will stir up the opposition of Satan, and of those in whom he works. The adversaries were the Samaritans, who had been planted in the land of Israel. It was plain that they did not mean to unite in the worship of the Lord, according to His wo … Read more

Resistance to Building The Temple

Ezra 4:1–4:5
When the Samaritans heard that the Jews were making good progress in building the temple they came to them with an offer of assistance. Outwardly they pretended to be friendly and cooperative while in reality they intended to hinder and stop the work. Zerubbabel, Joshua and the o … Read more

The People Rebuild The Temple

Ezra 3:1–3:13
By the time the events of Chapter 3 took place obviously some time had elapsed, though it is not known exactly how long. But here it is told that the altar was set up and being used (vv. 1-3). In building the altar they did not follow any recent altar styles they may have observe … Read more

People Who Could Not Prove They Are Israelites

Ezra 2:59–2:70
There were 652 who returned from the families of Delaiah, Tobiah, and Nekoda who could not prove that they were Israelites but had lived in the Babylonian towns of Tel-Melah, Tel-Harsha, Cherub, Addan, and Immer (vv. 59-60). There were three families who could not prove they were … Read more

Prisoners Return to Jerusalem And Judah

Ezra 2:14–2:58
The people of Judah that were taken as prisoners to Babylonia continue to return to Jerusalem and their own towns in Judah (vv. 14-58). They are listed in their family groups and the part if Judah they came from. A total is given of how many ancestors returned from each town (vv. … Read more

Many Preferred The Comfort of Babylon

Ezra 2:1–2:13
Zerubbabel was the undisputed leader of this group of returning Jews to Jerusalem and he was officially appointed governor of this new settlement. This chapter lists the names the families of those who returned. The entire company is said to have totaled 42,360 (v. 64). This is e … Read more

Exiled Jews Return to Their Homeland

Ezra 1:1–1:11
Recognize God’s Providence - (v. 1) - This involved three deportations and three returns.Relate to God’s Precepts (vv. 2-4)His purpose (v. 2)His people (v. 3)His provision (v. 4)Respond to God’s Plan (vv. 5-11)Those who Go (v. 5)Those who Give (v. 6)Those who Guide (vv. 7- … Read more

David Buys Araunah’s Threshing Floor

II Samuel 24:18–24:25
In response to David’s urgent prayer, the angel of the Lord orders the prophet Gad to tell David to “Go up” to Araunah’s threshing floor. There David is to build an altar to the Lord (v. 18). He obeys as the Lord has commanded (v. 19). Araunah sees t … Read more