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Paul’s Warning to the Ephesian Elders

Acts 20:25–20:38
This was Paul’s last farewell to the Ephesian elders. As far as Ephesus was concerned, he had done all he could to evangelize and warn the city (vv. 25-27). Paul then shifted to warning these elders that they could expect danger from two sources. False teachers (wolves) would come to them from ... Read more

Paulā€“An Example of Faithfulness

Acts 20:13–20:24
Paul traveled on foot from Troas to Assos (about 18 miles) while his friends sailed there directly (v. 13). Perhaps Paul wanted some time alone to think, pray, and plan. From Assos they sailed along the coast of Asia Minor to Miletus (vv. 14-15), an important port city. Paul had decided to ... Read more

When, Where, How & How Long to Worship

Acts 20:7–20:12
I find a very interesting story in today’s passage. After Paul arrived in Troas he met with believers on Sunday to celebrate the Lord’s Supper, and after that he spoke to them until midnight because he was leaving the next morning (v.7). It was only gradually that Sunday to … Read more

Paul’s Journey to Troas

Acts 20:1–20:12
After the riot in Ephesus, Paul gathered the disciples to say farewell and to encourage them (v. 1). He then departed for Macedonia. It’s likely that this was when he evangelized the province of Illyricum, on the Adriatic Sea across from Italy (Rom. 15:19). From Macedonia, Paul traveled ... Read more

Results of Religious Greed

Acts 19:21–19:41
Paul made plans to return to Greece and Palestine, and then go to Rome (v. 21). Two and a half years had passed since Paul arrived in Ephesus, and he felt his work there was over. To prepare the believers in Macedonia for his coming, Paul sent two of his disciples (Timothy and Erastus) ... Read more

Miracles Performed by Paul for Authentication

Acts 19:11–19:20
Ephesus was known for its magic, and apparently the Christians had not yet put away all such evil practices (vv. 11-12). However, we need to take note that these were special miracles (v. 11) and not to be duplicated by others. There was no New Testament in existence in those days, so God ... Read more

The Holy Spirit is a Person

Acts 19:1–19:10
Paul arrived in Ephesus, one of the greatest commercial centers of that time, as it was located on the main trade route between Rome and the east. It was also the center of Satan worship, and the place where the temple of Diana stood. This temple has been described as one of the seven wonders ... Read more

God Works His Will in His Servants

Acts 18:18–18:28
After eighteen months of ministry Paul decided that it was time for him to return to his sending church in Antioch. At Cenchreae (the seaport of Corinth) Paul cut his hair (the specifics of why he did this are unknown). His friends Aquila and Priscilla went with him as far as Ephesus, where ... Read more

Paul’s Ministry in Corinth

Acts 18:1–18:17
Paul traveled from Athens to Corinth (v. 1) where he quickly found friends, Aquila and his wife Priscilla, a Jewish couple (v. 2). They were fellow tentmakers who invited Paul to come and stay with them (v. 3). They became steadfast ministry partners for Paul, serving faithfully and even ... Read more

Paul Preaches in Athens

Acts 17:22–17:34
As we read through Paul’s sermon in Athens, keep in mind the beliefs held by those to whom he was addressing and observe how Paul interacted with those beliefs. The Epicureans in the crowd were more materialistic and non-religious, believing that life was for pursuing pleasure, while the ... Read more

Obstacles that Hinder the Work

Acts 17:10–17:21
Not wanting to cause further trouble for Jason and the other Christians, Paul and Silas left Thessalonica by night and traveled southwest to Berea (v. 10), about 45 miles away. One might have expected Paul to switch up his tactics in Berea, but as usual they went right to the synagogue ... Read more

Paul & Silas Trust God’s Strategy

Acts 17:1–17:9
Paul and Silas traveled 100 miles from Philippi to Thessalonica. According to verse one they passed through Amphipolis and Apollonia but didn’t minister in those cities. Thessalonica was the capital of Macedonia, with a population of about 200,000. Paul’s master plan for missions was to ... Read more

Praising in Prison

Acts 16:25–16:40
Still hurting from the beating, and locked in wooden stocks, you would not think the prisoners would be too joyful. However, at midnight the jailer and the other prisoners were startled to hear Paul and Silas singing and praising God. God responded by shaking the prison with an earthquake ... Read more

Paul Frees the Slave Girl

Acts 16:16–16:24
One day as Paul and his companions were making their way down to the riverside to the place of prayer, they were met by slave girl with “a pythonā€¯ (a divining spirit). In Greek myth “the pythonā€¯ was a dragon / serpent associated with the god Apollo and his oracle. These “divining spiritsā€¯ were ... Read more