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The Voice of The Lord in a Storm

Psalms 29:1–29:11
This Psalm is a majestic description of the omnipotence of God. David, perhaps seated in his palace, sees a tempest coming out of the Mediterranean sea and sweeping across Palestine. In it we can see how the God who is able to cause havoc in the thunderstorms is also able to brin … Read more

David Calls on Angels to Gorify The Lord

Psalms 28:1–28:9
Enemies were pressing upon David. His world had fallen apart. His own son Absalom had stolen the hearts of the men of Israel.  His throne that had seemed so secure had been snatched from him. The nation had turned against him. David prays that God will speak directly to him. … Read more

Confidence That Dispels Fear

Psalms 27:1–27:7
No doubt each one of us have been a prisoner of fear at one time or another. It might be the fear of rejection, misunderstanding, uncertainty, sickness, or even death, but the Lord wants us to conquer it. This Psalm opens with David voicing his confidence in God. based on:The Lor … Read more

Earnest Prayer in Faith

Psalms 27:8–27:14
In the previous verses we have seen David trusting in God with great faith. Now we see him trembling in fear (vv. 8-9). As we see David  switch suddenly from faith to fear and trust to trembling we are reminded of how this can happen in our own lives today. Faith and fear of … Read more

David’s Plea For Vindication

Psalms 26:1–26:12
This Psalm seems to refer to a time of national crisis when people were dying under the judgment of God. It is not known exactly when this was. With disaster taking place all around him, David was not claiming to be sinless because that is impossible for any human being to achiev … Read more

Prayer Requested

Hebrews 13:15–13:25
Acts of kindness and sharing are particularly pleasing to God, even when they go unnoticed by others (vv. 15-16). The task of church leaders is to help people to mature in Christ. Cooperative followers greatly ease the burden of leadership (v. 17). We find the writer emphasizin … Read more

Religious Directions

Hebrews 13:9–13:14
The writer warns in this passage against diverse and strange teachings which are linked with food restrictions and external religious demands. Apparently some were teaching that keeping the Old Testament ceremonial laws and rituals (such as eating certain foods) was important to … Read more

Moral Directions

Hebrews 13:1–13:8
In this chapter, as throughout this whole letter, it is evident that God is not interested in religion, but in life that produces the evidences of our faith. Real love for others produces tangible actions:Open to strangers (vv. 1-2). A Christian home should be a center of hospita … Read more

Hearing The Heavenly Voice

Hebrews 12:25–12:29
Look ahead - To “those things that cannot be shaken” (vv. 25-29). If you read the newspaper or watch the news you know that many things around the world are shaking today. Many people (including Christians) are building their lives on things that can shake. A common rea … Read more

The Glorious Company

Hebrews 12:16–12:24
In these few verses the writer encourages his readers to depend on the Lord as he urges them to look by faith in two directions: Look back - Here we see the bad example of Esau (vv. 16-17). Esau was a person who lived for the world and not for God. He came in from the field h … Read more

Renewing Your Spiritual Vitality

Hebrews 12:9–12:15
The Christian life will include times of hardship and trials. We must not live with only our own survival in mind. Others will follow our example and we have a responsibility to them. Every boy knows that his father does not discipline the neighbor children. He disciplines him, a … Read more

The Discipline of God

Hebrews 12:1–12:8
In today’s passage, we find the teaching of discipline by our heavenly Father. There are at least three ways God could deal with us when we sin: First of all, God could condemn us - that would be legalism Then again God could condone us - that would be liberalism can correct … Read more