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Jesus is Led Away to be Crucified

Luke 23:26–23:43
When Jesus left Pilate’s judgment hall, he was carrying the cross. This was part of a prisoner’s humiliation that he carry his own cross. However, because of physical exhaustion Jesus was unable to carry it very far. A man named Simon, from the town of Cyrene in N … Read more

Pilate Hands Jesus Over to be Crucified

Luke 23:13–23:25
Pilate wanted to release Jesus, but the crowd continued to demand His death; so he sentenced Him to die (vv. 13-25). Today we might say that he did what was politically correct. No doubt Pilate did not want to risk losing his job, and as we have indicated previously, it w … Read more

Jesus Stands Trial Before Pilate and Herod

Luke 23:1–23:12
Pilate was the Roman Governor of Palestine from A.D. 26-36. He seemed to take pleasure in harassing the Jews and had insulted the Jewish religion by bringing imperial images into Jerusalem. Because of this Pilate was already beginning to feel insecure in his position when t … Read more

Peter Denies Knowing Jesus

Luke 22:54–22:71
Jesus was given six different “trials” (three before the Jewish religious leaders and three before the Roman authorities) before He was condemned to die on a cross. First He was taken to Annas, who was a retired high priest and a very influential Jew (Jn. 18:12-13 … Read more

Jesus Arrested in the Garden

Luke 22:39–22:53
At the conclusion of “The Last Supper” in the upper room, Jesus crossed over the brook Kidron to the Garden of Gethsemane which is located at the foot of the mount of Olives. This was a customary place of retirement when in Jerusalem (v. 39). Peter, James and … Read more

Jesus Predicts Peter’s Denial

Luke 22:31–22:38
Jesus explains to Peter how Satan wanted to crush he and the other disciples like grains of wheat (v. 31). He hoped to find only chaff and blow it away. However, Jesus assured Peter that He had been praying for him; and his faith, although it would falter, would not be de … Read more

The Last Supper

Luke 22:14–22:30
Jesus eats His last meal with His disciples. This was the Passover meal (vv. 14-20). As it was drawing to a close, He instituted the ordinance that the church calls"Communion” or “The Lord’s Supper.” The bread and wine represented Christ’s broken b … Read more

Judas Agrees to Betray Jesus

Luke 22:1–22:13
The Feast of the Unleavened Bread began the fifteenth day of the first Jewish calendar Month (our April) and continued for seven days (Leviticus 23:4-8). This, along with the one-day feast of the Passover, was sometimes called “the Passover” an … Read more

Jesus Tells them to Remain Watchful

Luke 21:35–21:38
The fig tree in this parable is thought by many to be a symbol of Israel. Jesus is teaching that we can tell what is coming by watching the signs. As the fig leaves sprout in the spring, we know that summer is near. As the budding of the fig tree indicates that summ … Read more

Jesus tells them to Remain watchful

Luke 21:29–21:34
Some day you may visit the interesting and historic French-Canadian city of Quebec. There you will see the Plains of Abraham, where the English forces of General Wolfe won Quebec from the French. When you see the steep ascent that Wolf’s men had to make up the face of the great rocky cliffs, you will be amazed that they succeeded. Mere boys should have been able to hold off a force of soldiers from scaling such cliffs and gaining the heights. Yet Wolfe and his men made the ascent and gained the citadel. Why? Because the overconfident defenders became careless and pleasure-loving; and one night, when they were off guard, the enemy saw his opportunity, scaled the heights, and took the city. Quebec fell because its defenders failed to keep watch. (Joseph Harris in Sunday School Times). Read more

Jesus Tells About His Return

Luke 21:20–21:28
Jesus continues to answer the disciples’ original question about when the temple would be destroyed (vv. 20-24). I do not believe that it was intended as a sign to tell when Christ will come back, but was simply a foretelling of the destruction of Jerusalem by Titus and t … Read more

Signs of the End of the Age

Luke 21:5–21:19
When Jesus finished teaching He overheard some people commenting on the beauty of the Temple that had been reconstructed (v. 5). But our Lord was not impressed. He told them that the day would come when this beautiful temple would be destroyed (v. 6). Of course, this was fulfille … Read more

The Widow’s Offering

Luke 21:1–21:4
From the offering of this poor widow we learn that what we rightly give for the relief of the poor, and the support of God’s worship, is given unto God. We learn about a woman who understood the principle of giving. God doesn’t call us to give for the sake of giving. Givi … Read more

Leaders Didn’t Understand Who Jesus Was

Luke 20:41–20:47
The Pharisees and Sadducees had asked their questions. Then Jesus asked them: “What do you think about Christ? Whose Son is He” (v. 41)? They knew that the Messiah would be a descendent of David but did not understand He was God in the flesh. This is a key quest … Read more