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Eliphaz Gives a Second Speech

Job 15:1–15:16
This chapter contains Eliphaz’s second address to Job (vv. 1-35). Eliphaz thought he was a wise man, so he rebuked Job for his sins. Believed to be the oldest, and considered the wisest of Job’s three friends, he began his second speech by raising the question of whether … Read more

Eliphaz Tells Job to Listen to His Great Wisdom

Job 15:17–15:35
Eliphaz brings up as a reminder the fate of the wicked (vv. 17-20). He points out how suffering is in store each day for those who sin. Eliphaz portrays the idea that Job was a tyrant who struck fear into other people. It seems that this friend hoped to force Job to rep … Read more

Job Asks if Humans Will Live Again

Job 14:16–14:22
Job complains that God has numbered every wrong step and taken note of every sinful act (v. 16). These He had “sealed up,” as though they were treasures (v. 17). If the mountains could be destroyed, how could frail man expect to escape (v. 18)? Just as water wea … Read more

Job Speaks to God About Death

Job 14:1–14:15
In this passage Job turns from confidence that he could win his court case against God to a complaint about life’s futility and death’s certainty. He says that life is brief and full of trouble (v. 1). There is nothing any truer than that; trouble is the common denomina … Read more

Job Takes His Case to God

Job 13:1–13:16
At the beginning of this chapter Job turns his attention to the criticism of his friends. He begins by claiming that he knows all the things they have shared with him, and states that they have not shed any new light on his problems (vv. 1-2). Job portrays how deeply he r … Read more

Job is Asking For a Showdown With God

Job 13:17–13:28
Job asks to be heard (v. 17). He declared, with a degree of confidence, that he would be justified (v. 18). He could not conceive of a fair argument resulting in His condemnation (v. 19). Job has two desires (v. 20). His first desire was that God would remove His chasteni … Read more

Job Replies to His Three Friends

Job 12:1–12:25
All three of Job’s friends have spoken, and now it is his turn to speak again (v. l). Though he was in pain, he could still think. He opens with a sarcastic reference to the comments of all three visitors and accuses them of talking as if all wisdom began and ended with th … Read more

The First Speech of Zophar

Job 11:1–11:20
Job has heard two points of the sermon from his friends: Man is sinful (Eliphaz), and God is just (Bildad). Zophar, the youngest of Job’s three friends, now finishes the sermon with the third point. God punishes sin, but He gives us less punishment than we deserve. Zopha … Read more

Job Complains to God

Job 10:1–10:22
In this chapter we find Job approaching God from four different ways:He challenged God (vv. 1-7) - Since he could not find someone to represent him, he decides to become his own defense attorney. He decides to vent his complaint, even if it kills him.He reminds God (vv. … Read more

Job’s Answer to Bildad

Job 9:1–9:20
God’s Awesome Power (vv. 1-13). Job arrived at a place in his life that was not pretty. Job is frightening as you watch his heart and mind wobble on the brink of disaster. Job is really a mess, at many points. Job is a tortured soul. He is in trouble but he is a hopeful mes … Read more

Job’s Despair

Job 9:21–9:35
Based on his own experience, Job concludes that innocent people suffer and wicked people prosper (vv. 21-24). Several times he says he is innocent (6:10; 10:7; 16:17; 27:6) and accused God of unfairness. He asserted that he was innocent, and at the same time recognized that … Read more

The First Speech of Bildad

Job 8:1–8:22
The second of Job’s three friends, Bildad, jumps into Job’s troubles. He is obviously the most dogmatic and legalistic of the three friends. He calls Job a windbag full of hot air (vv. 1-2) and goes directly to the heart of Job’s complaining that God is unjust ( … Read more

Why is Life so Hard?

Job 7:1–7:21
In this chapter Job talks to God about the seeming futility of his life. He questions as to why God should keep him alive. What is all this suffering accomplishing? Job says, “If I am a great sinner, either pardon my sins or take my life. Either way I will find some pe … Read more

Job’s Answer to Eliphaz

Job 6:1–6:30
In this chapter we find Job’s first reply to Eliphaz. In Job’s reply to Eliphaz he emphasizes three key points (vv. 1-7): You are giving me all of this advice but with no sympathy for my situation.Your criticisms are not based on fact but only on your own experience. … Read more