Judgment on Israel’s Sinful Neighbors

How many children are aborted? Worldwide, 55 million unborn children are killed every year. Around the world, every day 150,685 children are killed by abortion; every hour, 6278; and every minute, 105. Those are the reported cases. If you are an American citizen, no doubt y … More


The northern Israelites were living beneath a pious veneer of religion, worshiping idols, and oppressing the poor. Amos is identified as a sheep-breeder (vv. 1-2). He is a fiery, fearless, and honest shepherd from the south who confronts the people with their sin and warns them of the impending judgment. He starts out by describing the reasons for God’s judgment on Israel’s neighbor’s (v. 3). The house of Hazael refers to the king of Syria (v. 4). Damascus, the capital of Syria was indicted for cruelty in warfare toward Gilead, their less powerful neighbors to the south (v. 5). Both led border wars against Israel. Gaza was the chief Philistine city during this time (v. 6). Their sin was compounded by the fact they carried an entire people into captivity leaving no hope for repopulation (vv. 7-8).

Phoenicia was located northwest of Israel which is now modern Lebanon. Tyre, a prominent Phoenician city, went beyond the sins of the Philistines by attacking their allies, thus violating the covenant of brotherhood (vv. 9-10). Both Edom and Israel had descended from Isaac; Edom from Isaac’s son Esau, and Israel from his twin brother Jacob (Gen. 25:19-28). These two nations, like the two brothers were always fighting (vv. 11-12). The Ammonites, descendants of Lot, lived north of Moab east of the Jordan River (vv. 13-15). These people had descended from an incestuous relationship between Lot and his younger daughter. (Gen 19:30-38). They practiced ripping open pregnant women as a means of controlling the population of its neighbors. Amos cites abortion as evidence of the depth of depravity. Any society killing the unborn child is the ultimate sin against the helpless.


It is hard to believe that our own United States of America approves this same cruel practice of killing unborn babies and is getting ready to support it with a healthcare bill. As a citizen I need to do everything I can to stand against this terrible practice of abortion.

Amos 1:1-15 (English Standard Version)

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