The Better Sanctuary In Which Christ Ministers

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Under the old Jewish system priests were chosen only from the tribe of Levi, and sacrifices were offered only on the altar for forgiveness of sins (Heb. 7:12-14).This passage in Chapter 8 talks about two things that are superior under the priesthood of Christ as compared to the old system:

  1. The Sanctuary is Superior. (vv. 1-2)
    1. The place is better. (Mark 16:19)
    2. The priest is better. (Heb. 4:14-16
  2. The Sacrifice is Superior. (vv. 3-4)
    1. The Levitical priests offered up animals in the earthly sanctuary.
    2. The Lamb of God offers up Himself in the heavenly sanctuary (Heb. 9:11-14).

The Old Testament high priests were appointed to offer gifts and sacrifices in God’s appointed place which was the sanctuary (v. 5). Jesus Christ is a High Priest and since He is in heaven we must conclude that His “true tabernacle” is in the heavenly sphere, while His ministry is to us here on earth. Jesus Christ is presented as better than all the impressive solemn services of the Tabernacle which were only a shadow of Christ’s coming (v. 6). He fulfilled the law, paid its penalty, bore its curse for us, and offers to us salvation as a free gift without the deeds of the law. Jesus’ final blood sacrifice is forever, and there is no need for additional sacrifices for the cleansing of sin.


Am I praising the Lord and coming in thanksgiving to Him? Colossians says “whatever we do in word or deed, do all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God and the Father by Him” (Col. 3:17).

Hebrews 8:1-6 (English Standard Version)

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