Jeremiah Goes Free

In 1838, on the night when the slaves were set free in Jamaica, a large mahogany coffin was made and a grave was dug. Into that coffin the liberated slaves threw the reminders of their former life of slavery—whips, torture irons, branding irons, coarse frocks and shirts, la … More

In our study today we will see how the people are led by the deceitfulness of the flesh into that place of utter and insolent rebellion against God which marked the very nature of their downfall. In this chapter we have the account of Jeremiah’s experience after the capture of Jerusalem (v. 1). He is freed by Nebuzaradan, the captain of the guard under Nebuchadnezzar, and given his choice as to where to live. He can go to Babylon, and there be treated with honor and respect, or he can stay in the land. Jeremiah chooses to stay in the land and to associate himself with Gedaliah, the governor appointed by the king of Babylon to rule over this nation. (vv. 2-8).

This account tells us there were still unsubdued Judean warriors who gathered themselves into roving guerrilla bands under various captains (vv. 9-12). Gedaliah told them to not be afraid of the Babylonians and that they should live peaceable and submit to the king. He said he would stay at Mizpah and would meet with the officials and they should go back to their towns and bring in the harvest which they did with the Jews, from other countries, who came back to help them. Johanan and some of the army officers came to Mizpah to meet with Gedaliah and warned him that King Baalis of Ammon had hired Ishmael to murder him (vv. 13-15). Gedaliah refused to believe them and told Johanan not to kill Ishmael (v. 16). 


Jesus set me free from my sin with His shed blood and there is nothing that I can do to help Him out.

Jeremiah 40:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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