How to Identify False Teachers

One could spend a lifetime in the study of false teachers and cults and never come to the end of it. Rather let him come to know his Bible and his Lord so well, that no false teaching can lead him astray. (The Vance Havner Quote Book, Compiled by Dennis Hester, p. 60). … More

False Teachers


From the preceding examples Jude uses 3 points to prove the identity of these false teachers: (v. 8):

  1. defile the flesh” - They pollute their own bodies (physical immorality)
  2. despise dominion” - They reject authority(intellectual insubordination)
  3. speak evil” - They slander angelic beings (spiritual irreverence)

Even Michael, the chief angel, didn’t dare to insult the devil (v. 9). But these people insult powers they don’t know anything about (v. 10).

Again Jude shows by way of three comparisons how these apostates erred (v.11):

  1. They are compared with Cain who murdered Abel and these men murder the souls of others (devoid of love) (Gen. 4:5). (Humanistic philosophy)
  2. They are  compared to Balaam and like Balaam they were greedy for money, led others into immorality, boasted of prophetic dreams and visions and encouraged apostasy. (Said sin did not matter) (Num 22). (Materialistic philosophy)
  3. They are  compared to Korah who was notorious for his rebellion against Moses and Aaron the divinely appointed leader of Israel (Num. 16: 11). (Secularistic philosophy) These false teachers are further denounced as being worthless as spots in your feasts (v. 12), rainless clouds (v. 12), fruitless trees(v. 12), raging waves (v. 13), and  wandering stars (v. 13).
Examples of false teachers today would be the Mormons, Jehovah Witnesses, Christian Scientist  and even those who preach and teach a prosperity Gospel.



How can I detect a false teacher? They usually sound very convincing and have a lot of truth mixed in with their error. No matter how good they sound I must check what they say with God’s Word.

Jude 1:8-11 (English Standard Version)

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