Paul’s Concern For The Corinthians

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Apparently, the false teachers in Corinth were suggest­ing that Paul’s unwillingness to accept support from the church was simply a coverup. They thought that he really had a love for money, and the offering he claimed to be taking for the suffering saints in Jerusalem was only going to be used to fill his own pockets. Also, his reason for sending Titus ahead was to insure financial gain for himself. Paul wanted to set the record straight. In fact, he found it very disappointing that they charged him and his associates with underhanded self-gratification. He attempts to prove that his motive is right for the sake of the gospel and not to satisfy his own ego, in the following two ways:


1.         His previous behavior (vv. 13-16). When he had visited them before he had refused to be a burden to them and had supported himself with his own hands and through the love gifts from other churches. He had never begged for himself, only for others. 

2.       The behavior of his associates (vv. 17-18). None of his associates that came to help them tried to exploit or take advantage of them. Titus simply walked in Paul’s steps and was motivated by love for them and not personal gain. We must form our opinion of men less from their achievements and failures and more from their sufferings.” 


When I am falsely accused, I should not think only about saving my own reputation, but I should be more concerned about what people will think about Christ. 

II Corinthians 12:11-18 (English Standard Version)

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