Words of Life

Randy Alcorn says, “I’ve written about Heaven. I taught a seminary course, “A Theology of Heaven.” I’ve spoken about Heaven at churches and conferences. There’s a great deal I don’t know...but if there’s one thing I do know, it’s what people think about Heaven. And … More


In this chapter we also find some additional facts about the New Jerusalem. The angel showed John the river of the water of life which was clear as crystal as it flowed from the throne of God (v. 1). The water flows as a stream down the middle of the street, which apparently refers to the main thoroughfare in the New Jerusalem (v. 2). While this probably is a literal river it symbolizes the water of life.

John also saw the tree of life, bearing 12 crops of fruit, yielding its fruit every month. This constant yielding of fruit indicates the continuous blessing that it will bring forth. While the verse does not state that the fruit can be eaten, this is presumably the implication. The trees’ leaves are for the healing of the nations. Even though there is no sickness in the eternal state, the trees’ fruit and leaves seem to contribute to the physical well-being of those in the eternal state. 

As mentioned earlier God and the Lamb are in the new city (v. 3). The highest joy and privilege of the saints will be to serve their blessed Lord even though it also means reigning with Him forever (vv. 4-5). The God who has lived in unapproachable light became approachable in the person of Jesus (John 1:14). The God who is transcendent became immanent. People could look at Jesus and see God. But Revelation 22:4 appears to speak of seeing the face of God the Father. This will truly be a privileged place just being with Him throughout eternity.


We have had a glimpse here of what it will be like for those who have been born-again. It is my responsibility to share with others how they can be sure of going to heaven when they die.

Revelation 22:1-7 (English Standard Version)

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