Boaz invites Ruth to lunch

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Boaz invited Ruth to eat lunch with him and his workers (v. 14). They would often tie a few stalks of grain together and roast it over a blazing fire. Ruth had all she wanted to eat and still had food left over. Her being able to eat with Boaz and the reapers was a mark of special favor. After the meal Ruth returned to the field to glean. The law gave the gleaners the right to go over the field after the reapers had taken all they wanted. However Boaz instructed his reapers to drop some grain along the way for her (v. 15). At the end of the day she had about three fourths of a bushel (vv. 16-17).

She took what she had gleaned and went to where Naomi was staying (v. 18). It also appears that Boaz had sent along a quantity of food so that Ruth was able to present this to Naomi. Naomi realizes that some special favor  has been shown to Ruth and she looks for the source (v. 19). When Ruth shares that Boaz was responsible for this special favor Naomi breaks out in praise to God (v. 20). She then tells Ruth that Boaz is a relative and a next of kin. She then advises Ruth to stay with Boaz’s maidens and glean to the end of the harvest (vv. 21-23). Ruth continued to live with Naomi and work in the fields until the barley and wheat was all harvested.



I need to look for any widows whom I could help by showing special favors to them? This is something that is greatly neglected by many families and churches today (1 Tim 5:16).

Ruth 2:14-23 (English Standard Version)

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