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The Wedding Party & The Wedding Night

The Texas oilman was getting married and was nervous about it. He told the minister that the fee would be in proportion to the brevity of the service, and that if he used a long service, he wouldn’t ... More


In these verses the girl recalls a dream that caused her concern for her lover’s whereabouts. She rose in the middle of the night to search for him (vv. 1-3). Her search was rewarded as her lover was found and brought lovingly to the home of the bride (v. 4). Verse five ends the courtship section, and verse six starts the wedding section. Marriages in the ancient Near East were usually sanctioned through civil contracts, not religious ceremonies. Their wedding took place in the couple’s home, not in the temple. The wedding feast is not described, but the wedding procession (vv. 6-11) and the wedding night (4:1-5:1) are presented in detail. The writer spoke as a spectator watching the elaborate wedding procession approach. The details of the procession emphasize Solomon’s planning, his desire to protect his bride and to offer her the best of all he had.  

Chapter four is a description of Solomon and his bride’s wedding night. Solomon praised eight parts of his bride’s body: her eyes (v. 1), hair (v. 1), teeth (v. 2), lips (v. 3), mouth (v. 3), temples (v. 3), neck (v. 4), and breasts (v. 5). His total attention was focused on his bride and her beauty. The imagery he used in praising her was taken from a pastoral setting. These may not seem complimentary to us in our society, but they were to Solomon’s bride who was raised in the country and understood and appreciated these images. Solomon praised his bride’s physical expression of love and its effect on him (v. 8). Even a glance from her beautiful eyes was enchanting to Solomon (v. 9). Her physical expressions of love had a more refreshing and intoxicating effect on him than wine (v. 10). Even her perfume added to the excitement of their love (v. 11). The senses of sight, touch, smell, and sound were involved in their love making. The garden locked up, the spring enclosed, and the sealed fountain (v. 12) suggest the king was praising his bride’s virginity. She had kept herself ‘sealed’ from all others and preserved her purity for her husband.


One of my goals as a husband is to protect my wife, to make sure she has economical security. Sex is a wonderful thing within the bounds of a faithful marriage.  

Song of Solomon:1-16 (English Standard Version)

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