The Importance of Getting Others Involved with You

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Paul says everyone has abandoned him except the Lord who stood with him and gave him strength(vv. 16-18). Paul was delivered out of the mouth of the lion (v. 17). Who and what is the “lion"? It cannot mean a literal lion because Paul was a Roman citizen and, if convicted, he could not be thrown to the lions. The lion could mean a symbol of Satan as is in 1 Peter 5:8 which would mean he was delivered from great danger, Paul’s greatest fear was not of death but that he might deny or disgrace God’s name.

Paul enlisted others to help get the job done and now lets them share in the greatness of the work.  Priscilla and Aquila were a husband and wife team that assisted Paul in many ways (v.19).  Onesiphorus and his household were mentioned in Chapter 1. Erastus might be the treasurer of the church in Corinth (v. 20, (Romans 16:23). Trophimus from Ephesus may have been the one who helped Paul in the Jerusalem riot. He had been serving at Miletus but now is ill. The other names are unknown to us except being mentioned here (v. 21).

Paul’s personal farewell was “Grace be with you,” which was his “trademark” to show the letter was not a forgery (v. 22). The Bible does not record Paul’s final days. We know Timothy and other devoted believers carried on the work.


You and I must be faithful so that future generations may hear the Gospel and have the opportunity to be saved. I need to teach my children to put God first and to serve Him whole heartily? These are choices I need to make on a daily basis.

II Timothy 4:16-22 (English Standard Version)

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