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Failing to Live by The Truth of God’s Word – Proverbs 14:13 – 14:17

Revival is a New Beginning of Obedience to God

A revival always includes the conviction of sin on the part of the church...In a true revival, Christians are always brought under such convictions, they see their sins in such light, that often they find it impossible to maintain a hope of their acceptance with God. Backslidden Christians will be brought to repentance. A revival is a new beginning of obedience to God. A revival breaks the power of the world and of sin over Christians. It brings them to such vantage ground that they get a fresh impulse towards heaven. They have a new foretaste of heaven, and new desire after union with God; and the charm of the world is broken, and the power of sin overcome...Their hearts will be broken down and changed” (Charles Finney, Revival of Religion, pages 15-17).