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The Ceremony for Ordinating Priests – Leviticus 8:18 – 8:36

A Life Changing Relationship

When a man and a woman are married, there is a part in the ceremony where they each agree to take the other. After this, the minister pronounces them “husband and wife.” And from that day forward, the bride takes on a new name. God the Father spoke to Jesus, the bridegroom, concerning me one day, and asked, “Savior, would you have this sinner?” To which Jesus responded, “I will.” he then spoke to me and asked, “Sinner, will you have this Savior?” And when I said, “I will,” God the Father pronounced that a life changing relationship had been established and declared that by virtue of that new relationship, I now had a new name. No longer am I a child of the Devil, I am a child of God! (Sermon Central)