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Saul Rebels Against God – I Samuel 13:1 – 13:14

Charles Spurgeon Caught Smoking a Cigarette

I have always liked the story told about the great preacher Charles Spurgeon. Charles was raised on a farm. When he was a young teen, he was behind the family barn on day sneaking a cigarette. His dad surprised him, by coming suddenly upon him. Charles attempted to diffuse the situation by using an approach many youth use when caught doing something wrong. Charles said to his fuming father, “Pops, the circus is in town. Do ya think we can go?” His father, with a look like he had a rabbit is in his gun sight, said, “Son, don’t ask your old man for something with a smoldering disobedience in your hand.” If you want to go to the circus, drop the smoldering disobedience. (If we want to see God, we need to confess our sins and be humble before God). (Lou Nicholes - Missionary/Author).