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Pagan Practices in the Temple – Ezekiel 8:7 – 8:18

The Reason Jim Jones Had so Many Followers

I believe that most everyone remembers Jim Jones of the Peoples’ Temple Church, or at least have read about him or saw the movie about him. It is said that the reason he had so many followers when he began his ministry was because he had concern for people; a genuine concern. He showed them acceptance, forgiveness, love. He helped with their needs. He made people who had been rejected by society and by their own families feel special and wanted. He was big on ministry. However, when it came to holiness and purity Jim Jones fell way short. His immorality and his thirst to be accepted and liked by others became His down-fall. All the good he had ever accomplished ended tragically in mass suicide and murder in Jonestown, Guyana in 1978. (Fred Sigle - Sermon Central).