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Asked if I Was For or Against Another Brother

Several years ago when I was just starting out in the ministry a knock came to my door. It was a man who was the leader of a certain ministry in that part of the country. Instead of asking about my relationship with the Lord and what was happening in my Spiritual life he wanted to know if I was for or against another brother in Christ. I told him my purpose for moving to that area was to reach young people with the Gospel of Christ and not to take a position for or against this brother. At that point he said, “If you don’t take a stand against this man  I can’t have anything to do with you or your ministry and I will do all I can to discourage other people from having anything to do with you.” And he set out to do just that but God blessed us and the ministry of Word of Life anyway. (Lou Nicholes, Word of Life Fellowship, Schroon Lake, NY).