Titus - Local Church Organization

  • Titus was apparently a Greek convert who had been won to Christ through Paul’s personal ministry (Titus 1:4).
  • Like Timothy, he was probably a young man, but unlike Timothy, he was not given to timidity and physical ailments.
  • Early in his Christian life, Titus had accompanied Paul to Jerusalem to discuss the relationship of the Gentiles to the Law of Moses. Paul used Titus as a test case, refusing to allow him to be circumcised despite the insistence of the Judaizers.
  • As a trusted colleague of Paul’s, Titus was sent to deliver his second letter to the Corinthians and was also given the responsibility of arranging for the collection to be given to the poor in Jerusalem.
  • It seems that Paul then left him on the Island of Crete to help in the organizing of churches. Crete is a large island in the Mediterranean, southwest of Greece.
  • In this letter to Titus, Paul reminded him to appoint good leaders who would guide the church wisely. He also urged Titus to combat the false teachers found on the island.
  • Titus is very similar to I Timothy with its instructions to pastors.
  • Paul expressed great confidence in Titus, calling him “my partner” (II Corinthians 8:23).
  • Paul called for church order and right living on an island known for laziness, gluttony, lying, and evil. We need to take heed in obeying this message in our day when discipline is not respected or rewarded by our society.

An outline of the book:

     1.   Church organization (chapter 1).

           a.   Leaders must be chosen on the basis of proven character and conduct.

           b.   False teachers must be quickly detected and removed.

     2.   Church obligation (chapters 2-3).

           a.   Speak sound doctrine.

           b.   Maintain good works.