Prayer For Knowledge And Power

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Faith and love are two great words. Paul commends the Ephesian Christians for their “faith” in the Lord and their “love” for all the saints (v. 15). Because of their spiritual growth, both as individuals and as a church body he goes on to say how he was rejoicing and giving thanks for them (v.16). He  says that he prays for them continually that they may know God better (v. 17). Paul realized that these Christians in Ephesus could have possibly passed an examination on the doctrine involved but they had lost sight of it in their hearts. He prays specifically that their understanding will be opened with hope, riches and power.

  1. The Hope of God’s calling (v. 18). The believers in Ephesus had difficulty accepting the fact that their salvation was secure in Christ. Like some Christians today, they were not really sure if they were going to end up in heaven or because of some mistake along the way they may be eternally separated from God. Paul wanted them to know that their eternal destiny was guaranteed by what Christ had done and not on what they might do.
  2. The Riches of God’s Inheritance (v. 18). Perhaps the Church in Ephesus was not very many in number and people would see them as a very insignificant group. Paul wanted  them to know that even the humblest believer was very important in God’s sight. If these believers really understood the riches of their glorious inheritance, they could have hope.
  3. The Greatness of God’s Power (vv. 19-23). A Christian’s hope and inheritance is not based on human effort. Paul wants them to know that their reservoir of power is in the Lord. This divine power was demonstrated when the Father raised Jesus from the dead (v. 20). As a Christian we can be confident that God is in control of everything. We don’t need to fear any dictator or nation or even Satan himself.


I not only need to know the Word of God but an understanding of the riches of His grace.

Ephesians 1:15-23 (English Standard Version)

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